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Your Guide To Moving Quickly and Efficiently

Sometimes companies have a social committee, which offers this kind of moving assistance. You can get in touch with Green Van Lines to help you plan for the move.



Your Guide to Moving Quickly and Efficiently
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Green Van Lines is a family owned moving company situated in Dallas. The company has simplified moving by following eco-friendly practices and making sure that they work only with experienced and able-bodied movers.

They not only focus on reducing their ecological footprint, but the company also ensures that they only use eco friendly boxes that do not affect the environment at all. The company has established itself as one of the top businesses for moving high-end or delicate equipment, ranging from pianos to glass top tables. However, there are a number of additional things that you can do if you have to move houses, and Green Van Lines has quite a few tips to share.

1) Submit Your Notice in Advance

Read your contract carefully to find out the terms of your notice. Generally, it lasts from 1 to 3 months so that both parties have time to organize themselves.

2) Find Out About Potential Moving Assistance

Also, check with your employer: sometimes companies have a social committee, which offers this kind of moving assistance. You can get in touch with Green Van Lines to help you plan for the move. They will do all of the work and make sure your equipment is moved safely.

3) Do Your Administrative Procedures in Advance

While some changes are immediate (most banks offer the possibility of changing your address online in real time), others can take several weeks: change of line, termination of your internet contract. Warning! A telephone contract, like a lease, imposes a notice period and that is why you have to plan ahead if you want to terminate or simply change your address.

To save money, we advise you, if the proposed service suits you, to take over the tenant’s contract before you do. It will be enough to make a transfer of name.

4) Tell Your Friends

If this advice is at the top of our list, it’s not for nothing. Moving alone, without anyone to help you is complicated if not impossible. While Green Van Lines can help you get everything done quickly and efficiently, it still might be a wise idea to seek help from a few friends and get them on board. They can easily help you with moving smaller things that you don’t want to move in the moving van.

5) Rent a utility vehicle

Professionals advise renting a utility vehicle 3 months in advance, especially in the high season (June-July-August). This is an estimate, sometimes things go very fast! What you need to remember is that you have to take care of this crucial step as soon as possible, and therefore establish an estimate of the volume to be moved in order to determine the model you will need. Fortunately, renting a van, a van or even a big car (especially if you move to furnished accommodation) does not have to be expensive and very cheap solutions exist. In this blog, we have already presented several ideas from the participatory economy that can help you rent cheaply.

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