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 Think you have thoughts, research, and ideas to tell? We always welcome guest posts and contributors to our platform. Suppose you have a knack for writing and can comprehend your ideas in a simple way that is readable and understandable by the broader segment of internet geeks and general audience. In that case, you can send us your entries.

But there are some rules and guidelines which we request you oblige to.

In our honest opinion, writings take effort. Developing an article, which stands out among the readership and qualifies as quality content, entails specific parameters. We thrive for excellence. We wish the same for you. And we are here to make it simple for you:

Why Write For Us?

The splinternet is a complete matrix with all kinds of content popping up here and there. Yet, there is a pressing need for content that kicks, content that stands relevant, and content that seeks to add value. 

We believe our contributors are always looking to put something out there, ideas that are ever-green and add value. 

Our platform continues to rake in a holistic readership, and website hits each month, and we delightfully offer a neat space for contributors to test their potential.

What can you write?

Good question. While we are highly interested in Star Wars, that is an area we most likely reserve for conversations over beer. 

As evident by our domain, we have a particular editorial model and content if you are interested in Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Technology, Gaming, Blockchain, Mobile Applications, Motivation, Life, Startups, IPOs, Wall Street, and Elon Musk (pun intended).

Our platform brings the most pressing stories, ideas, perspectives, and analysis in quality content based on the abovementioned topics.

We invite you to put your shower thoughts on the front page and get search engines to roll out your author name.

What is acceptable?

We boast a highly segmented audience that is interested in ideas and remarkable conversations. The language we keep is simple, open, inclusive, with a top readability score. 

We also highly appreciate fewer grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, and structure. We have hardworking editors, who also wish for an on-time exit from the office, especially on Friday nights.

We prefer conclusive arguments, research-backed analysis, and proper organization of content. An entry must not be less than 1000-1200 words as a minimum.

What is not acceptable?

What isn’t cool is unstructured content, lacks focus, lacks an orientation, and have a bad flow.

An article written by you speaks a lot about you as a professional. How do you aim to define yourself?

On the other hand, our platform has a strict policy against informal language, slurs, hate speech, and adult content.

We also do not shake hands with authors perpetually inclined on sexism, racism, religious discrimination, and hate in their views.

Alas, the plagiarism. Our editorial policy employs a strict non-plagiarism practice, so we would always know when you are sneaky. It’s not cool. Avoid.

How to submit?

Email us your submissions at info [@] theentrepreneurtalk [.] com

The subject line must “Guest Post Request” because our email spam filters are very strict with unsolicited emails.

We accept Microsoft Word or Google Docs format files.

When does the magic happen?

Once you submit, our editors will take over your piece and analyze it to see if it meets our guidelines and editorial policy.

An editor will be assigned to review your submission, check for most of the fundamental requirements we expect from your piece.

Next, our editor will collect feedback and gather notes. We accept a draft the first time around, but there can be minor to significant amendments that our editors seek on priority.

The draft will be emailed back to you with comments and revision requirements. Once this phase is completed, your entry will reach the final phase.

The final phase schedules your entry for its time-specific publishing.

We will always notify you once your piece is live. 

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