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Why You Should Treat Your Business Like An Infant



“A business needs your constant undivided attention in earlier phases, as it experiences rapid development, similar to an infant.”

– Karen Schrute

An infant, a tiny squishy human, totally dependent on you in terms of quality individualized attention and basic needs, sounds like such a huge responsibility, no?

A parent is bound to ensure optimum health and development of their child err business. They bestow steadfastness and unshakeable willpower for growth, unleash a sense of accomplishment in each phase, encourage to surpass the threshold of success, embed principles of responsibility and accountability, bequeath a room to learn from mistakes, and a chance to explore new paths to flourish.

The business cultural paradigm ought to depict a stimulating, healthy setting to encourage the expansion of a business model, similar to creating an environment for your baby to grow with emotional, physical, and mental health. An infant will grow into an adolescent, and a parent has to adapt to evolving handling tactics. However, gradually, an entrepreneur ought to indulge in similar conduct throughout the business life cycle for an enriched success; the keyword is ATTENTION!

Fasten your seatbelts, here is a comprised list of how an entrepreneur should nurture their business like an infant, let’s dive deep, folks!

Pillar of Growth #1: Aesthetics of Space

Which room to go for the baby and aesthetically speaking, how much color should we paint in the nursery? Color does affect the babies in the long haul, and above all, walking distance makes it easily navigational for parents. Similarly, the design and location entrepreneurs canvass for their offices, drastically sway the opinions of potential clients and employees about their business, leading to maximization of ROI.

Idea: Plant the seeds of office now and reap the rewards in the form of best clientele, employees, customers.

Today, millennials – the majority in the workspaces globally – discourage the professional encroachment of their personal spaces & plausibly proliferate in flexibility.  Millennials discard and blatantly chastise the demonstration of the status quo in their workplaces and shed all the self-delusions and proscriptive approaches of grudging capitalism. Capitalists – advertently – divulge their persistence as they are still all about gaining huge incentives on traditional office layouts and old-school aesthetics.

The smart world denizens are those who respond positively to the workplace demands of millennials and consequently strategize the design and location. Compatibly, it improves profits and enhances throughput, productivity, and commitment while aptly superimposing a positive brand and culture discourse in relevant backgrounds.

A definitive millennial ethos is choosing a perfect location with pertinent design. In essence, equipment placement should not be the eyesore and be easily accessible to notch the welcome look one pitch higher. Well-thought-out plans for office layout and location imperatively release your business out of the shambles and perches it on the highest pedestal – near the reverenced lenses of media. Suffice it to say, well-designed, ideally located offices get prospective employees, and leap high, surpassing the established (startup/low) status in their circle of respective successful businesses.

Pillar of Growth #2: Feed to Nurture

Feeding nutritious food to babies paves the path to an improved healthy lifestyle from early life. Parents prioritize mealtime to increase their energy, sharpen their minds, stabilize their moods, balance weight and impede mental health problems.

Feed your company an evolving culture for a definite stronghold in the business realm. Nurture a business culture that uplifts employee retention, emboldens a systematic vision to ensure productivity, empowers employees to propel a competitive, albeit progressive performance to outshine the baseline of financial goals.

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”

Brian Kristofek

Grant your employee fulfillment, happiness, incentives, and rewards in what they are doing. Embed the sheer sense of safety and well-being in company policy catering to creating morale for both sides. Debunk the notion of stifling employee voices & erosion of privacy from your company culture and adhere to the modern approach of total freedom and empowerment.

Ram a reposed tactic to combat fortuitous adversaries in the company policy. Nestle the approach: evolve the strategies as the company grows, refrain from becoming stagnant.

Entrench the narrative of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, corroborating words with actions, bridging gaps with communication, and eluding breeding ground of mutual transgressions with clients. When your culture unlocks room for direct discussion, it breaches the problems proactively.

Conclusively, pejoratively addressing your employees rips the fragile seams of businesses for new entrepreneurs. Valuing their opinions – for the greater good of the company – averts them foreseeable confrontational circumstances. Vying against building an employee-friendly policy beseeches perennial quarrels and creates distrust among the company itself.  Embark towards embracing the belief of trusting your employees; it goes a long way in setting stone for a positive company culture that guarantees employees will strive by any means possible to help your company grow.

Pillar of Growth #3: Positive Attention

Parents are recommended to give positive attention, irrespective of age, to their children, but most importantly, to an infant.  Babies are prone to discerning to voice, faces, sounds, and noises around them. They grasp the differences of tones, albeit without knowing what it means, and store them subconsciously. 

As an entrepreneur, when you start talking about your company, pay heed to your tone (positive, please) and choice of words. We undeniably vetoed the fanatic autocratic regime, but considering you usurped an authentic and humanely company culture, you’re in on our secret tips.

Remember to set a positive tone even though it sounds nauseatingly jarring to your ears. A monologue in a negative tone dissuades potential client, customer, and an investor.

Shimmering positivity from the mouth but, using a bunch of jargon, you are in for a rude awakening, man. The service might be too good to be true, but when you use jargon, let alone it being from an unfamiliar – irrelevant to your industry – although it scored you massively on Scrabble – you have lost. None will get what you are saying. It is essential to speak the language of the customer. Be committed to a positive tone and clarity of words.

Wrapping Up

Starting a business and smoothly it running becomes insurmountable when you are unsure of what it takes. Without considerable sacrifices and efforts, dooms-dom (A gloomy kingdom/Queendom) is your destination. When an entrepreneur engrosses themselves in negativity and lets the harsh world engulf the struggles they took to come this far, it takes a toll on their determined minds in the long run.

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