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Why Become an Entrepreneur?



Many will tell you that entrepreneurship is a long road full of hurdles and challenges. So, why do so many people opt for it? Why is the trend beginning to change? Why does everyone harbor hope of doing business on their own? Here are some reasons why you should consider becoming an entrepreneur.

You’re the boss now

Being an entrepreneur allows you to be in control of your life. Now, it’s up to you to decide how you want to evolve, as well as how your activity will turn out. This new freedom can be very exhilarating. It can give you the strength to overtake you daily.

Being your own boss allows you to be the main actor in the big decisions of your new life. A study showed that once this new power was in hand, entrepreneurs became even more productive than in their previous job. Indeed, this taking responsibility offers you the opportunity to prove what you are worth and therefore makes you want to surpass yourself.

But this new freedom generates a new responsibility. From a moment, this freedom can become heavy and constraining. Because of this, you risk losing sight of your goals. In order to be able to fully exploit this freedom offered by the taking of great responsibilities, it is necessary to review your level of organization on the rise — classification of important papers, a rigorous definition of your schedule, and determination of realistic objectives to achieve. The organization is the key to the optimization of your new freedom.

Your company, your baby

In the world of entrepreneurship, it is difficult to separate the entrepreneur from his company. And that’s perfectly normal. When you start your business, the evolution of your business becomes the center of your daily life. You will think about it night and day. You will design opportunities and focus meetings every moment.

This project of your life will become like your own baby. You will be at the origin of its evolution and its successes. You can even give him your own name if you want. Your personality and your values ​​will be found within your activity since this project takes you so much to heart; you will transmit a part of yourself.

Farewell to the protocol

It’s the end of the time when you had to get up at 7 am and chained on traffic jams, adhere to a dress code, undergo the protocol of the company; you’re the boss now! As you have been told before, this new function incurs new responsibilities but also new freedoms.

You are free to choose your work environment, your colleagues, your quarterly objectives, and your dress code. It’s up to you to set the new protocol for your company. A company that lives without a working protocol can be a protocol too.

Your time, your schedules

Now that you are the boss and you can follow your own protocol, you can choose your working hours and your weekly hour’s quota. If your business idea is that you have to spend the day with your kids, play sports or work like a night owl, then do it. You will be very effective and productive in your work when you maximize your potential.

Again, it is necessary that you organize your time according to the important activities to which you want to devote time. Of course, following a schedule to the letter is always more complicated than expected. This will at least help you get a rough idea of ​​what you need to do.

Nomadic Worker

New work, new environment. It is no longer necessary to waste time in transport when you can work in the comfort of your home. Some feel more comfortable and even take advantage of the sport at the same time or to see their children after school. Others feel uncomfortable with the idea of ​​working at home because it would be like mixing their professional world with their private life, for that there are several possible solutions today. You can choose to work in co-working spaces with other auto-entrepreneurs, in an incubator or even in a café.

As a result of the changing demand for accessible and independent workspaces, many locations have developed with a modern environment, Wi-Fi access and succulent snacks for snack breaks. There are many ways to work comfortably and effectively, whether in your garden or the local coffee shop.

Choose your dream team

You are free from the burden of working with a low-skilled team or with people who have a difficult character. Today, you can choose your work team, or even make a choice to work alone, even if the presence of a working partner can be beneficial in the long run.

By choosing to work for yourself, you now have the freedom to choose coworkers who share your values ​​and goals. The same principle applies to your customers and suppliers. Do not commit to working with people, where you think it will lead to a conflictual relationship. It is advisable to choose working partners, customers and suppliers who are ready to invest as much as you.

Redefining your way of life

Embarking on this new venture as a self-entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to redefine your life. Many entrepreneurs take the opportunity to change their environmental framework or the way they work. You can choose to shape the culture and values ​​of their new business as you see fit. If you prefer to work in your garden in the sun sitting on a comfortable beanbag, who can prevent it?

Be proud of what you have accomplished

Of course, one of the biggest rewards, when you start your activity, is all of the successes, but also the mistakes that you will encounter in your adventure. When you win a new contract, a new customer or a new reward, it will only be thanks to all the efforts you have made so far. Being in charge of one’s own business is today a great source of pride and respect.

You may think that because of the pressure of having to make your business profitable without sacrificing your health and well-being, these benefits may seem derisory.

Indeed, thanks to their new profession, they can flourish on a daily basis and live their lives to the full. We learn more about ourselves when we understand what we are able to accomplish by challenging ourselves daily. To be clear, it is not the destination that counts, but the journey.

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