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Who is playing Super Bowl 2021? How to watch and Who is Performing?

The Super Bowl 2021 will be played between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This time, the Weeknd will be performing at the half-time show.



Who is playing Super Bowl 2021 How to watch and Who is Performing
Photo by Alex Batchelor on Unsplash

The Super Bowl 2021 will be played between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This time, the Weeknd will be performing at the half-time show. Super Bowl 55 is one of the biggest events of the year and is bound to attract a large crowd. However, with the Covid-19 restrictions in place, it’s going to be difficult for the event to live up to its past hype.

Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan are going to sing the national anthem together this year. More importantly, the final attendance of the event is going to be limited to only 25,000. The Super Bowl is the end of the American Football Championship, held by the National Football League (NFL) and brings together the champions of the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC), it is held every year on every first Sunday of February.

Born to Highlight the Greatness of American Sports

American football is, its name already says, a game of American culture, they created it, so they are the ones who play it, and they agreed that each year the great champion, the best and the winner of all would be chosen. . The reason behind its creation is that simple, on the other hand, its name was suggested by Lamar Hunt, who was the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, who was inspired by watching his son play with a ball.

The first event was held in 1967 and had an acceptable attendance, in which the fans of each team gathered at the stadium on the scheduled day, and enjoyed seeing the first final that would unknowingly become a symbol of the Americans.

Although the event started by and for the sport, it has practically become a show and not just any, but the most-watched by Americans. Half-time spent at rest in football games has been around since the 1960s; in the university fields, the young athletes have a break, in which the cheerleaders or bands of the teams are in charge of encouraging the audience. In the Super Bowl it was no different, for the big event they started using local bands, then they went to the montages, then to the celebrities and finally they came to the singers.

It all happened when in 1992 the NFL recorded a loss of 20 million viewers, due to little interest from the public to see the boring half-time. So the NFL would make the most important decision in terms of its economy, for 1993 they invited Michael Jackson himself, the result was immediate, the rating rose to the skies, and both the NFL and the musicians got their formula for success.

Now artists dream of performing in the most-watched show of the year, and what should have been a 12-minute break has turned into 30 minutes of a concert directed by the musician of the moment, where they employ a blockbuster of millions of dollars with a scene bet superior to any created by Cirque du Soleil itself Prince, The Rolling Stone, Katy Perry, Madonna, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake (with controversy included) have performed at the Super Bowl. As in the past, this Super Bowl 2021 is also going to be a fantastic event.

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