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Which iPhone Should You Get?

Taking for granted that buying an iPhone is a decision that will accompany you for at least two or three years, it is best that you consciously choose the model that best suits your needs.



Which iPhone Should You Get

Taking for granted that buying which iPhone is a decision that will accompany you for at least two or three years, it is best that you consciously choose the model that best suits your needs. If you tend to renew your mobile every time a new model appears on the scene, surely the choice will be less sane than if you worry about making that same one last a long time.

Buy a Brand new old iPhone

Buying a new iPhone doesn’t always mean buying the most recently released iPhone. Apple usually maintains in its catalog models prior to the latest releases that offer a not inconsiderable price-quality ratio. At most shops, they also have iPhones at knockdown prices. With the option of choosing screens ranging from 4.7 “to 6.5” that are so shocking at first glance, the catalog is extensive and if you get the batteries you will find an offer that’s hard to refuse.

Assuming you want to buy an iPhone cheaper than it was when it was launched, you should bear in mind that Apple works hard so that its devices always have an optimized operating system despite being from previous batches, but it is possible that some innovations remain reserved for the latest iPhone models. Important, then, is that you analyze very well what those characteristics are that make you want an iPhone and then opt for a model that includes them.

In the iPhone world you also pay for Storage

Big dilemma for our generation: how much storage to get? A reflection that applies to both bags and mobiles, wardrobes, relationships and practically anything, we are a generation that on the one hand boasts of being minimalist and on the other wants the more the better. Really ask yourself, how much memory do you need in your smartphone and you will know which smartphone to buy.

There are people who are super diligent when it comes to making backup copies and carrying only what is necessary, but if you, like many of us, are a little snail and you super love taking the whole house on, then it will be worth scratching a bit plus pocket and buy a 256 GB or 512 GB iPhone, leaving 64 GB and 128 GB for those who follow the guidelines of Marie Kondo better than you.

2020 iPhone Buying Guide

April is the key month to make an update to the buying guide for an iPhone in 2020 because it has been during this month when we have known the launch of a version that has a competitive advantage that no one dislikes: price.

We will focus on this new member of the family and his relationship with the rest to try to give you a little light if your intention is to change your mobile during the first half of the year.

iPhone SE (2020): the Cheapest iPhone

And by cheap we don’t mean “inferior”, much less “bad”, mind you, words like “cheap” are sometimes lauded by the devil, but in the case of Apple mobiles this idea has nothing to do with reality.

The iPhone SE (2020) is worth less than 500 USD and is a true value proposition: 4.7 “Retina IPS LCD screen, Apple A13 Bionic Neural Engine processor, front camera with FaceTime HD and 7 MP that takes photos in portrait and camera mode 12 MP rear, enough to get quality images without professional pretension.

It is worth clarifying that, although it is called iPhone SE, it bears very few similarities to its 2016 namesake. In fact, it is much more similar to the iPhone 8, an opinion ratified by the fact that the latter has been removed from the catalog. Right now, this Apple mobile is the only one with a screen of fewer than five inches and that, although at first glance it may not seem like it, is an important advantage, since the market has been giving symptoms for a couple of years that making huge screens is a trend that could start your journey back in no time.

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