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Three Unconventional Ways of Self-Motivation When You Feel Low



The world has become extremely competitive. While the competitive environment has its pros, it is easy to find demotivation amongst individuals even in the most competitive environments. Often times, you are lucky to have friends and family to support you in your low times, but the situation is not so fortunate for everyone.

Sometimes you have got to fight your own battles to achieve the success you desire. In such times, when you feel alone, shattered, worthless, and broken, help is needed the most. We need to put ourselves in a flourishing environment where growth and development are encouraged. No one can be blamed for your failures but you, and even when you are low, you need to take responsibility and bring your life back on the track. In such moments of despair and hopelessness, it is easy to lose motivation. These are the deciding times which can either make or break you. To assist your journey, here are three unconventional ways to help you get that lost motivation back in your life.

1.    Do social work: The best way to get the lost motivation back is to participate in social work. Commit to serving people. This will not only allow your mind to be diverted from frustrating thoughts but would also make you thankful for the blessings you have in your life which you do not often appreciate. Working for others gives you a sense of contentment and gives you internal satisfaction. Whether you work for a charity or become a part of some NGO; serving people allows you to think outside of individuality and gives you a sense of achievement. Social work can also allow you to improve your networking and personal relations. Social work will enable you to interact with highly accomplished people which would fill you with motivation. It is natural to feel good in the company of accomplished people. Their presence and company will allow you to be in their positive aura which will help you gain back your motivation.

2.    Meditate: Meditation is one way that people are skeptical about. People believe that it is something only hermits and monks can do and that it would not work for them. That is a mistake people make, and they should not. Meditation allows you to relax and be with yourself. There are many meditation techniques available that you can practice at your home. Life, in general, has become so fast that you barely find time to invest upon yourself. When you feel down and unmotivated, that is the time you need to be in your company the most. Sitting in meditation will allow you to step back and see your life in the third person, which would make it easy to gain back the lost motivation. No one can help you if you do not want to be helped.

3.    Watch motivational shows and movies: Movies can be a great way of passing the time when life seems to be on track, but when you feel unmotivated that isn’t the time that it should be wasted. When you feel down and unmotivated try and find the movies that resonate with your present problems and situation. Watching others get out of the situation can be a great source of motivation. It allows you to think and believe that if someone can do it then anyone can do it. Watching movies the like “Pursuit of Happyness” can even make you appreciative of the circumstance. Movies like that make you realize that if you do not give up, then even rock bottoms can be the opportunities to grow.

Life is not easy for anyone. Everyone faces their fair share of problems and gets demotivated at times. True power lies in helping yourself rise above and prove yourself as well as the world that problems are not the end of the world, rather opportunities to grow.

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