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The Surreal Rise of Peter Last as one of the Most Impactful Entrepreneurs Today

Peter Last is an optimistic, creative, intellectual, and philosophical being who believes one can learn a lot from a little life experience.



The Surreal Rise of Peter Last as one of the Most Impactful Entrepreneurs Today

An entrepreneur’s spirit, devotion, and willingness to provide solutions for the audience’s needs are the true strength factors behind a prosperous business. The same story lies behind Peter Last’s 40+ years of experience, the founder of Trade Solutions. With Peter’s exceptional dedication and benevolence, Trade Solutions evolved as a handyman service, offering people renovation and contracting services.

At first glance, Peter Last is an optimistic, creative, intellectual, and philosophical being who believes one can learn a lot from little life experiences. His compassion for others and his eagerness to acquire knowledge took him afar in both his career and life. His journey towards betterment involves hard work, experiences, potential, and most importantly, kindness.

Peter’s benevolence became his ultimate strength, and that is when he realized the significance of serving others who cannot help themselves. He knew someone has to take a step for people’s welfare, and that is when his journey began.

Peter understands that a business’s splendor is its ability to give you the liberty to step out of your boundaries and create new opportunities. He believes that adapting to any situation and coming out with positive outcomes is the only way to success. This thinking laid the groundwork for Trade Solutions.

The primary idea behind Trade Solutions was to offer people services that most contractors are too busy to take on. That’s right; Peter started a business based on doing what others didn’t want to do. He realized the market gap and worked hard to provide people with the most dependable economic solutions. Due to his fortitude and compassion, Trade Solutions—founded in 2012—has evolved into a complete general contracting and renovation business with a heart for providing minor repairs and time permits.

Trade Solutions has become the ultimate key to meet people’s living space needs. From imaginative ideas for drafting plans to the final construction, Trade Solutions guides customers through every step of their bathroom renovation. Peter’s continuous commitment to assist clients in every way possible is what pushed Trade Solutions to the land of success. From a very young age, Peter knew he had to follow his dreams, so he worked hard with a focused mind, and now he helps and inspires everyone he encounters.

Trade Solution is what it is due to the diligent and passionate individuals behind it. The company has been assisting customers with almost everything they need in their living spaces. From large commercial projects to the most basic repairs in a house, it won’t be an overstatement to say that they have done it all. Their core belief lies in the willingness to provide more services and educate people of the potential what-if factor

With Trade Solutions, Peter strives to assist and educate people using a common-sense approach toward any situation. 

The evolution and success of Trade Solutions are not only noteworthy but also inspirational due to the strong entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Peter Last. He has been honest in everything he did throughout his life, exhibiting personal integrity every step of the way. Trade Solutions is best known for its wide array of services, but most importantly, its consideration for assisting its customers. 

In his 43 years of experience, he did an exceptional job on multiple great projects all across Canada and the North West Territories. His devotion constantly drove him to do good for others. From working on fire protection and drive-on-ice road to maintaining homes and commercial buildings for the physically and intellectually disabled people, Peter never once stood back from serving people and promoting their good fortune. 

But that is not it; this kind and considerate individual kept working hard to help and support others in all aspects of life. Currently, Peter is working on three online publications. The primary goal of all three publications is to help, educate, and motivate people.

One of his publications is Mindset Impressions, which motivates people to step out of their boundaries. The second book, Got Smoothie Go, helps people realize the treasure of nutritional value for their health and bodies. The third book is called What If Factor, an educational publication focusing on telling people that there is always a WHAT IF factor in every experience or situation you encounter.

Peter’s enduring journey is not only prompting but a great source of inspiration for everyone out there. His academic achievements are also noteworthy. After his high school graduation, he completed Fire Protection Engineering from BCIT and trained as a Fire Protection Designer and Installer and a First Class Gas-fitter. His curiosity and potential to learn more took him further to the University of Alberta, where he studied Contract Law and Documents. But that’s not it, Peter knew the true essence of learning and progressing to help and serve people, and that is when he studied Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

His perpetual determination and commitment to become competent and do great things is the most uplifting facet of his life. Peter kept becoming a better version of himself through his experiences that taught him numerous lessons in disguise. From the start of his journey till now, he held the same belief: to help those who cannot help themselves.

Peter Last is indeed an outstanding and incomparable individual whose achievements and experiences in life are noteworthy. His devotion to helping people and hard work have been making a difference in the world for years. Peter took great honor in assisting others, respected his vision, and fulfilled his role in educating and assisting people with integrity.

Peter’s compassion and fortitude took him afar, where he believed in himself and his dreams. Peter knew he could accomplish anything he wants as long as he put his mind to it. Trade Solution allowed him to achieve his dreams and bring his vision into reality. He believes in starting a new business one step at a time as progress and growth take time. All you need is to believe in your strength and stay compassionate!

“Always provide more in service than you expect to receive in dollars, and your services will be in great demand and your dollars in great supply!” — Peter Last.

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