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The Rise of Data Analytics in Logistics

Realizing this gap, MGN Logistics, established in 2000, serves to bolster businesses with the wonders of technology, providing exceptional…



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The companies, be it small or big, need to incorporate Supply chain innovation (SCI). In fact, with new empowering technologies leading to disruptions across the supply chain, the supply chain space is ripe for innovation.

Inevitably, innovation techniques will make the logistics companies make the most of the technology. Innovation can enable companies to respond much more rapidly and cost-effectively to declining product life cycles, accelerating technological change, and intensifying competition, perhaps even from non-traditional sources.

Data and Analytics are explicitly the innovations set to disrupt the logistics sector like any other business sector.

An Insight into Data Analytics

The amount of data that is being generated is growing at an impeccable rate each day. Big Data refers to the process of evaluating a large amount of data to reveal hidden patterns, market trends, customer preferences, competitor insights & other useful market insights. It’s a real challenge for any business to capture & use the data in an optimized manner, and Big Data serves to do it efficiently.  

The onset of the Big Data serves as the opportunity for visionary business owners. The businesses can gain the biggest competitive advantage if they are able to capitalize on the data, analyze it & get insights to refine business strategies.

The intense and dynamic nature of this logistic sector and the intricate structure of the supply chain make data and analytics a marvel for logistics businesses. Valuable insights obtained through data leveraging empowers the industry players to optimize routing, streamline factory functions, and give transparency to the entire supply chain, for the benefit of both logistics and shipping companies alike.

Additionally, the data that needs to be processed and managed becomes quite complicated; it is worth adopting the data culture as the data analytics assist in consolidating the conventionally fragmented industry.

By incorporating Big Data, the companies are getting a lot of perks. These perks include Operation optimization, performance management, daily planner & actual delivery calculation, field service, hub management, and utilization, and resource management. This innovative technology has helped many logistics companies implement service strategies that could help them make swifter deliveries.

MGN Logistics is at the Forefront of the Technology

Now, most of the logistic companies use technology to pull out data from the database with the help of programming. But what about the industry insights, consumer buying trends, competitor strategies? Applications could be used to get such hidden data without much human involvement.

Realizing this gap, MGN Logistics, established in 2000, serves to bolster businesses with the wonders of technology, providing exceptional solutions for their freight management. Headquartered in Easton, PA, MGN Logistics gives a one-stop-shop solution to all the freight troubles of the businesses, with its range of tech-advanced planning, optimization, carrier selection, dispatching, auditing, execution, and other services.

The CEO of MGN Logistics, Matthew Telesca, figured out that the existing systems of the businesses lack creativity and intuitiveness and how the nation’s fastest-growing private company was conceived. MGN started as an online transportation brokerage website in 2000, where customers could sign up, create their accounts, rate shipment, track freight online, and create shipment invoices.

Today stands as the market leader in logistics supply management. Additionally, what sets apart MGN Logistics from others in the industry is that it does not just focus on bringing innovative solutions based on the latest technology. Yet, it also centers around providing cost-effective services that do not exert strain on the resources of the business. In fact, it assists in producing solutions that further helps companies cut down expenses at each stage of dispatching to deliver. With a range of solutions including Business Intelligence, Freight Management, Load Optimization, Carrier Optimization, Embedded Analytics, Carrier Rating. Invoice Pre and Post Audits, Carrier Payment MGN is all set to launch its new products, MarketMaker Pricing, a sophisticated aggregator of truckload metadata.

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