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The Only Way to Save Your Life from Falling Apart Is By Staying Motivated

Life can be tough at times, and you don’t have much choice but to deal with it. One day you will be on top of the world, invincible, and then the other day,



The Only Way to Save Your Life from Falling Apart Is By Staying Motivated

Life can be tough at times, and you don’t have much choice but to deal with it. One day you will be on top of the world, invincible, and then the other day, life will drag you down into the deepest dirtiest slumps.  It is a roller coaster ride, and it was never meant to stay afloat like a boat on still water.

Humans will face more than one setback in their life. It could be an accident so horrendous that they would be told they can never walk again or they could be duped out of millions of dollars in a week’s time.

The building called ‘Life’ can crumble around us floor by floor, but the trick is never to let the foundation get affected. Because once that happens, the reconstruction of the entire unit might be next to impossible. That foundation centers on hope and motivation. No matter the type of failures you might face, it is hope and motivation that you cannot lose at any cost. Of course, it is extremely difficult to keep yourself intact and your emotions together all the time, but you will have to force yourself to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, this is easier said than done. This is why we have jotted down some of the ways that you can manage to keep yourself motivated when the world around you is crumbling down:

Take a Break

The thought of taking time off when your life is on fire might seem absolutely ridiculous, but looking for a solution immediately is not a good tactic either. The truth is that sometimes you will need to step back from the whole situation to be able to get a clearer look at what is going on. You will need to take a step back and clear your vision and redirect your focus. You will also have to reassess the situation from a different point of view so that you can find the best course of action. It can be therapeutic and also give you a glimmer of hope, which is oftentimes enough to help you get your life back on track.

Get Help

When in desperate times, you will need to be able to set your ego aside and ask for help from those who love and know you. This could be asking for money, advice, time to vent, or just some upbeat positive energy. You are able to recover faster when you have a positive and strong support system. Studies have found that positivity can be contagious and so you will need to make sure that the support system that you have only instills optimism in you and lifts your spirits to new levels.

Do Something New

When you fail at the same thing for the third or fourth time, it is about time you do something new. Either you change course entirely or find a different way of getting to the task. You do not have to abandon your hopes and dreams completely, it just means that you have to apply a slightly different strategy. This will force you out of your comfort zone and appreciate a different side of you and your surrounding resources even more. According to science, when a person finds something new that works it triggers a specific part of your brain to release a chemical called dopamine, which is well known to be a positive element. You do not have to make grand gestures of change, in fact, you can start with something small and then build your way up to bigger and better things.

Your Goals Should Be Visible

According to a study done by Gail Matthews by Dominican University, writing down your goals and sharing them with a trusted source will help you stay motivated. Matthews discovered that the participants who would send weekly updates to a friend regarding their goal were 70 percent more likely to achieve their goal than those who are not doing the same. However, when you are writing up your goals, make sure that they are within the achievable time frame and also reasonable.

Positive Affirmations

Consider this: if you keep telling yourself that you cannot do something or what you are trying to pursue is out of reach then will you ever be able to achieve it? Let us save you the effort and tell give you a flat-out NO. When you keep giving yourself reasons that something is not possible at all or you yourself do not possess the skills to do then you really can never do it. This is why we emphasized building a positive support system and writing down your goals at the start. You need to keep giving and receiving power positive affirmations so that you do not fall off track and discourage yourself from something that is actually achievable.

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