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The Must-Haves of Digital Marketing in the Real Estate



Digital Marketing Trends

In the middle of the digital age, it is clear that if you want to sell a product, service or advice, you are obliged to adapt your promotional methods to the trends of the digital market. Real estate is not exempt from the digital development of its advertising. Today, this is more than uploading your client’s property listing to cyberspace, it is about creating a well-defined digital marketing strategy, and partnering with companies that utilize the top digital trends. If you want to remain competitive and reach the right prospects, you must make use of the techniques that will give you a greater probability to increase sales in the face of fierce competition.

For this reason, at SetSchedule, you have an open marketplace to connect with buyers, sellers, renters, and investor in real time, on demand. You can create networks within the SetSchedule app and boost listings to the SetSchedule community to get direct, targeted attention to sell your listings faster. The platform is powered by the most futuristic digital tools to allow realtors to streamline the sale process from prospecting to closing, in an easy to use virtual setting.

SetSchedule is a tech giant based in Irvine, specializing in an array of digital real estate products and real estate information SaaS products, artificial intelligence, autonomous business flow applications, consumer cloud communication products, etc.

The company’s highly reputable brands and apps include: SetSchedule Real Estate PRO App, SetHello, SetValue™, SetAds, Referral Radar, and Jessica 2.0.

1. A friendly web presence

If it is not on the web it doesn’t exist. What every real estate agent should know is that the first step to get your name out into the world is to create a website. Make sure you include:

  • responsively designed site that adapts to any device
  • User friendly
  • Positioned with the keywords of your market and brand
  • The design should be elegant and as clean as possible
  • Images must be optimized and of good quality

2. Interaction from your social networks

It is no longer enough to have social networks and have them fed. For this, you must know your market widely so that only the people you want to reach will follow and interact with you. Details such as the design of your covers based on the promotion of your properties, the history of your career and the content of your publications are details that can make a difference in the interaction and purchase of your properties.

3. Mass mailing to clients and prospects

Farming your territory especially in today’s health climate is no longer possible, but one of the most effective strategies in digital marketing is mass mailing. That is why property search engines, like SetSchedule’s targeted records, use big data to find specific buyers, and homeowners likely to move in the near future. Targeting this specialized group is not only more efficient, but it can also be more effective with greater returns on your time and efforts.

4. Content blog about your market

Digital blogging is a niche that brings traffic to your site with the value added of experience and knowledge. You will stay relevant and keep potential customers coming back for your valuable real estate insight, capturing viewers that may not be in the market today, but maybe in the future.

Now that you know which are the best tools to improve the sale of your properties, we advise you to inform yourself of each of the strategies adequately. Remember that if you want to increase the possibility of finding clients and selling you can use AI, and machine learning platforms SetSchedule.

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