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The Link between Human Development and Emotional Intelligence
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The Link between Human Development and Emotional Intelligence

Bob Aubrey is one of the writers and consultants who have contributed to greater understanding of the human dimension of work. This quote remains a source of inspiration.



The Link between Human Development and Emotional Intelligence

Human development and emotional intelligence are two subjects that are becoming increasingly important in today’s world of work. People at work, especially managers and human resources professionals, have come to realize the convergence of both areas of study. Both have allowed us to understand the world of work in a more human way, understand the reasons for progress in management and know-how to deal with human needs in organizations.

Human development refers to the study of how people learn and progress and the factors contributing to their potential and wellbeing as well as their performance at work. Emotional intelligence is about understanding the different capabilities “intelligence” that has and can develop to manage themselves and their relationship with others.

The key intelligence is self-understanding and the ability of how to empathize with others. In the workplace, this makes for better decisions by giving people in the organization the opportunity to develop themselves and contribute their intelligence to solving problems. In the world of work, where technology, robots and artificial intelligence are becoming more a part of daily life for workers and managers, these two subjects are essential to make work human.

Both areas have separate roots but are highly relevant to each other. Bob Aubrey is one of the writers and consultants who have contributed to a greater understanding of the human dimension of work. This quote remains a source of inspiration.

He says, “I believe that human development is crucial for businesses, especially in the growing Asian economies. Human resources professionals need to become human development leaders and workers need personal development in order to achieve their career goals as well as their job performance goals.”

Bob Aubrey is a well-known as an entrepreneur and business strategist who defines his area of expertise as the field of human development. He has lived in America, Europe and Asia and most recently made his mark as the Founder of the ASEAN Human Development Organization. He points out that ASEAN is the third-largest workforce in the world, after China and India, and is the most diverse, which is why the member countries of ASEAN need to address the challenges of human development as a region.

During his career as a consultant, he has helped organizations improve their human resources as a development function rather than an administrative function, and has worked on learning and leadership programs with many Fortune Global 500 companies.

In recent years, after moving to Asia, his most notable work is with growing Asian companies dealing with the challenges of global leadership. Bob is also the author of 10 books and many articles and white papers on different aspects of human development, from personal development to lead to government policy.

Human development at work and emotional intelligence both enable people to gain an understanding of individual aspirations, capabilities and relationships in today’s workplace. Both show how important it is to deal with change and continue to learn after formal education and to take responsibility for developing one’s intelligence and capabilities during adulthood at a much older age than the traditional career. Both fields provide concepts that are essential for human wellbeing beyond the earlier concepts of satisfaction or feeling happiness. Both are based on scientific research that is becoming more powerful as gain more information about how people learn and behave when working with new technologies.  

Emotional intelligence has given us a deeper insight into human capabilities and potential. It is one of the most useful concepts of psychology relevant to work. Developing one’s emotional intelligence has become one of the fundamental capabilities of managers and leaders in working with teams and individuals. 

Human development is one of the most important contributions of economics because it has allowed us to understand the practical ways that freedom and learning at work make up the human dimension. That is why it is used at the United Nations to establish its goals and makes up the definition of decent work for the International Labor Organisation.   

It’s the “need to be human” factor that links human development and emotional intelligence. Once we have a greater knowledge of what it means to be human, we can design work and manage people in the workplace to be better in one of the most important areas of life.

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