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The Incredible Fashion Magnate, Kaushal Vishukumar, Adds an Indian Fusion to Western Couture in the Times of Pandemic

Kaushal Vishukumar explains that his fashion line is primarily focused on Indo-western fusion theme, mixing and matching the two fashions to create something alluring and chic.



Kaushal Vishukumar
Kaushal Vishukumar

Western fashion has been trapped like the pearls in the seashells in Indian couture in the recent time. However, one incredible fashion designer has shifted the dynamics, earning global fame for creating Indian inspired Couture in the US, is now set to launch his own exclusive brand, focusing on this twisted indo-western fashion.

 Fashion Designer Kaushal Vishukumar emerges as a brand name with filing Trademark for his most awaited brand ‘Kaushal Vishu (KV). 

Yet, what precisely made this incredible designer reach the horizon at a young age, all while breaking plenteous of stereotypes associated with the industry, is his clear determination. 

The celebrated designer having roots from a small neighborhood in Karnataka, India took the global fashion industry by storm with his exceptional designs and breathtaking concept, bringing forth a line of indo-western fusion. Below we conversed with the maven designer, to know tidbits from his career, struggles, and the process of conceiving such a magnificent idea. 

Vishukumar shares that while pursuing his degree from the Miami International University of Art & Design in Design & Media Management, he was resolute to remove the stigma associated with Indian culture in western settings. “I desired to bring something trendy and classy out of the typical Indian fashion, while proffering it a western touch, that works explicitly to blend the two cultures pole apart, with an intention to promote inclusiveness,” he says. 

An Insight to Vishukumar’s Work

Kaushal Vishukumar explains that his fashion line is primarily focused on Indo-western fusion theme, mixing and matching the two fashions to create something alluring and chic. “The implementation of my fashion endeavor kick-started with lehengas which are the skirts worn as part of the Gagra choli or Langa Voni, or traditional dress, was crafted masterfully incorporating traditional Indian touch, while the upper part of the garment had pure western splendor, like the crop top or halter neck top,” he says. 

While focusing on promoting the traditions and heritage of India, Kaushal Vishukumar is always indulged in experimenting with his artistry. One of the Vishuklumar’s astounding collections was inspired by Kollam, a pattern found common in Indian architecture. “The collection Angadha that I created was unequivocally incorporating Kollam, which is a design made up of dots usually put outside the houses back in India. The collection was exclusively made in India and was hand-painted by brilliant Indian artisans. I aimed to promote local artists and Indian heritage with this collection, and it was heartwarming to realize how much the people adored it,” says Kaushal Vishukumar. 

Kaushal Vishukumar is also one talented costume designer, who had his first fashion show for the reputed Media platform, Channel V. He was the mastermind behind fabulous costumes, seen on the famous blockbuster movie, Urvi release in 2017, which can be streamed on Netflix. TIMES KAFTA AWARDS by The Times Group 2017 has bestowed Vishukumar Best Costume Designer for his work of art in this movie. 

For his unbelievable progress in the fashion industry, Vishukumar has been awarded several accolades, including the Appreciation Award from Nandi Kannada Koota USA as Fashion Show Director 2018. 

Few Indo-Western Fusion Tips by Kaushal Vishukumar

 Kaushal Vishukumar reveals that Indo-Western clothing no extend beyond pairing typical ‘Kurtis’ and jeans. “There is now a new trend that has taken over, which looks absolutely dapper on Indian physique, which is crop-top pant saris. All you need to do is drape your sari around your pants in a dhoti style and pair it with a crop top,” he says  

Another classy style statement can be created by pairing palazzo pants with a ‘Kurti’ and flaunting some statement tribal stud pieces. “With the palazzo, you will surely remain comfortable while being stylish throughout the day. If you love comfortable clothes but want to raise your glam quotient a notch, Indo-Western is definitely the muse you have been looking for,” says Kaushal Vishukumar.

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