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The Importance of Volunteering Work for Social Cohesion

The entrepreneur is the founder of three important non-profit and volunteer organizations, including Abu Dhabi Arts Society (ADAS), Al Suwaidi Foundation, and Al Emarat Society Ltd.



Social Cohesion

Things like social responsibility, the motivation of volunteers for good causes, perseverance, and more, are part of the tasks that volunteer organizations currently carry out. All non-profit organizations, foundations, and associations require people to collaborate with them to develop each of their services.

Even so, all of them mark the importance of the commitment that volunteers must assume because it is not a job of simply helping. It is a job with regulations, rules, and conditions to follow so that the organization progresses and, in turn, provides a good service to society current.

The Importance of Volunteering in Today’s Society

All these organizations have to operate on land in which their respective volunteers can work. This is a very broad concept because if you are a team of volunteers who plan to bring water purification systems to drought areas where wells are contaminated. You not only need people with the will but experts in matters of water systems. Programs range from direct assistance to social groups affected by crises of any kind, to prevention and awareness programs or support in administrative management tasks of such organizations as cooperating volunteers.

What does it mean to be a Volunteer?

There is no universal definition that encompasses volunteers. Each of these has different motivations for which they work, they pursue different purposes, and there are very different personal reasons between each one. The great diversity is because it is a humanitarian work that makes it so subjective. However, it is convenient to highlight certain characteristics that, in a general sense, obey the skills that a volunteer must possess: Among these skills are commitment, a disinterested motivation to help others, always seek to do good, to be able to act In many ways, be organized and adhere to the regulations of the projects established by the association.

Characteristics of Volunteering

There are three things that organizations such as Cooperating volunteers consider typical of voluntary action: Selflessness, that is, a volunteer should not expect any benefit in return that is material. The greatest benefit that associations offer is the gratifying experience that it supposes humanitarian aid. The intention pursues the positive objective and an end, which is to seek to improve other people’s situation through the volunteer’s abilities in terms of carrying out tasks and putting certain knowledge into practice. Finally, justification, in other words, refers to the true need for the other person to require a benefit and to recognize it.

It is important to see that more and more institutions, both in the public and social sectors, join in making visible, recognizing, and promoting voluntary work in our country. Still, above all, knowing that global citizens increasingly give of their time, talent, and knowledge without expecting anything in return, this undoubtedly affects greater social cohesion.

As can be seen, it is encouraging to see the increase that is taking place in terms of volunteer work in different causes in our country, both individually and in civil society organizations, which invariably contributes to the construction of participatory citizenship and co-responsible.

In short, the importance of volunteer work is a basic element of citizenship, social cohesion, sustainable development, and governance. Volunteering is a way in which individual and collective actions can bring about the change that our communities and our country need, not be oblivious to what is happening in our environment and be an agent of change. Because it also contributes to our personal development by knowing the different realities, we become aware of and reinforce the natural impulse to collaborate, help, and be jointly responsible for what happens in our environment.

Globally, there are important examples to enlist when citing important volunteer work and the role of individuals in promoting it. Our example comes from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, an Emirati entrepreneur, philanthropist, art collector, Member of the house of Al Suwaidi HoS, and culture enthusiast remains an important personality behind a wide array of volunteering initiatives and programs.

Hamed’s humanitarian goals are well-lauded in the Emirati community, as he has steered the prospect of Emirati art and cultural heritage towards a global standpoint, promoting local artists and reviving the historical importance of Emirati culture.

The entrepreneur is the founder of three important non-profit and volunteer organizations, including Abu Dhabi Arts Society (ADAS), Al Suwaidi Foundation, and Al Emarat Society Ltd. These organizations are engaged in different gauges of volunteer and philanthropic works in the interests of native Emirati public.

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