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The Emerging Need of Data Centers to Go Green

We thought to ask the expert in this field, Leonard Eckhaus, Founder of AFCOM, the world’s leading association for Data Center Managers.



Leonard Eckhaus

In modern times, going green is on the priority list of every data center. However, what precisely does the notion of a green data center mean, and why exactly is it essential for today’s data centers? We thought to ask the expert in this field, Leonard Eckhaus, Founder of AFCOM, the world’s leading association for Data Center Managers. Eckhaus has also served as Data Center Manager in several reputed organizations including IBM and TRW.

Over the years Leonard Eckhaus has been a key contributor to various platforms such as The Wall Street Journal, Network Computing, Channel Daily News, The New York Times, GCN, Information Week, Washington Post, Computer World, U.S. News & World Report, and Bloomberg, elucidating about the growth and impact of data centers. Additionally, being the Founder of The Data Center Institute, a think tank of leading computer industry corporate and data center visionaries, Leonard Eckhaus remains at the forefront of innovation, bringing forth efficient solutions.

The accelerated growth of the worldwide data center market is being driven by progressing demands for evermore increasing cloud and Internet services. While development and expansion are consistently something to be thankful for from a business perspective, in a data center setting, the growing power demands, force data centers to find new or increased power supplies in order to stay operational, and one of the problems that can lead to is a negative environmental effect. Therefore, the need to go green is more intense now than ever before.

Comprehending going green as the need of the hour, the data center industry has shown its care about energy efficiency, and there is a vital industry focus on improving energy use. 

“Green” data centers are intended to have a negligible effect on the amazingly delicate ecology of the earth. These green centers harness the powers of nature, like solar power and wind to cool servers, in an attempt to limit their carbon footprint,” says Leonard Eckhaus.

Going Green Goes Beyond Environmental Concerns

Generally, individuals believe that the need to implement sustainable practice is because of an expanding cognizance of ecological issues, invigorated by the critical condition of the earth’s ecosystem. While this is, in fact, a valid justification, the need to adopt sustainable practices is triggered by numerous other business reasons. “People fail to realize that going green can even provide your data center an edge, beyond the environmental concerns,” says Leonard Eckhaus.

Numerous organizations purchasing data center services have gotten more mindful of green practices and demand that their data centers follow these practices. “In fact, there are prestigious organizations that have composed ecological approaches wedged by their corporate social responsibility or statutory commitments, which they prefer to be echoed in their buying decisions. These associations only choose data centers that permit them to satisfy their “green” commitment,” says Leonard.  

The Future Holds Hope

Building a green data center begins with pinpointing and addressing the shortcomings in the framework. Keen decisions around green-friendly materials and location will likewise have a critical influence to bring forth change in the long haul.

All variables considered, adopting sustainable practices is no longer a matter of choice, but an emerging need for data centers. Going green is turning into a business necessity. The patterns at data centers have not been environmental-friendly enough up until now, yet the future is not bleak. Mindfulness towards cultivating better future outcomes is rife, with the vast majority of the data centers finding a way to have a drawn-out repercussion on the optimistic side of redeeming the earth.

In summary, Leonard adds, “The effect on the earth is enduring yet on the off chance that these data centers don’t focus themselves on the natural elements like wind, water, and daylight, business necessity will force them to comply.

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