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The emerging concept of Food Innovation

The passionate Italian innovator Sara Roversi, Founder and President of the Future Food Institute, is playing a significant role in encouraging food innovation.



The emerging concept of Food Innovation
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The wide term ‘innovation’ encompasses distinct ideas and notions to introduce novel processes, products, and services. Innovation is a process by which a domain, product, or service is renewed and brought up to date by applying new processes, introducing new techniques, or establishing successful ideas to create new value.

One emerging concept seeding in today’s society is ‘Food Innovation,’ which is the development and commoditization of new food products, processes, and services. Consumer demands and expectations are constantly evolving, and retailers seek new products, services, and strategies to meet these needs. There is cutthroat competition and fierce rivalry. Other excruciating challenges for food ventures include limited resources, changing market trends, and potential risks. There is a dire need to innovate and pull off distinct ideas to stay solvent and flourish in the harsh contemporary epoch. Food businesses that have a clear understanding of the consumer and marketplace will emerge as strong and sustainable.

The new generation is widely practicing this innovation to help the development of the food sector. The gains of food innovation are phenomenal as they substantively foster food companies to reap their venture’s gains by achieving the wonders of food innovation. Like every other innovation, food innovation also aids in introducing new ideas and techniques in the food business to help it progress and advance to exceptional strata.

To achieve outstanding boom and flourishment, food companies must have a formal, market-focused innovation system to manage all process stages actively. The constant evolution of business workability through innovation helps foster consumers’ current needs and desires. This results in customer satisfaction, and they become permanent clients. Happy customers translate to repeat customers. A result of effective innovation helps food companies to know how to keep their customers content and happy. Which thereby aids in gaining high yielding profits.

Further, a la mode technology and a high-tech computer system used in innovative schemes notify food companies about potential competitors, fluctuating market trends, and risks beforehand. As a result, restaurants and other food ventures can prepare themselves for challenging spells and prevent themselves from being thrashed by excruciating circumstances. Innovative technology also provides hidden insights into making businesses better and shows the avenues for improvement.

The complex, innovative system improves the food brand’s recognition and value. Stretching from incurring increased productivity and competitiveness, major cut down on costs and better performance to new partnerships and relationships, increased turnover, and improved profitability, productive food innovation gains are phenomenal.

Restaurants, food houses, fast-food ventures, and other food-related businesses widely practice food innovation and gain maximum profits through smart working. Listed below are some notable brands which are rendering this innovation widely.


Are you ready to have your pizzas prepared by robot chefs? French startup Ekim hopes so. The company is building 24-hour automated fresh-pizza kiosks equipped with a pizza-making robot called PAZZI that can prepare a single pizza in 30 seconds. An interesting idea for transit stations and locations where people need to eat on the go at all hours, Ekim is also looking to serve salads, drinks, and desserts.


With food delivery becoming increasingly popular, ghost restaurants designed solely for delivery are popping up everywhere. One of these ventures is Taster. The company has a chain of online-order-only restaurants that can prepare food in five minutes and deposit it at your door via Deliveroo in just 20 minutes on average.

Gastrograph AI

AI and machine-learning platform Gastrograph AI compiles and analyzes data on the raw ingredients in the food we buy. The company uses this to help food and beverage producers predict which products customers will pay for their target demographic. Manufacturers can see the flavors, scents, and textures consumers prefer, develop products, optimize branding, and produce cognitive marketing campaigns accordingly.


Startup Stixfresh has produced a sticker that is said to make fruit stay fresh 50% longer. The sticker works by creating a protective layer around the fruit. Its coating is made from beeswax and ingredients that feature a GRAS (generally considered safe) status issued by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The passionate Italian innovator Sara Roversi, Founder and President of the Future Food Institute, is playing a significant role in encouraging food innovation. She encourages food brands and ventures to practice this innovation to reap its phenomenal benefits and maximize profits. Sara has pioneered innovative education methodologies through which she is empowering people and communities.

The thought leader in food systems transformation, sustainability, food innovation, and social entrepreneurship is going great guns and has multiple businesses. Listed below are some of her notable work

  • Founder of the Future Food Institute
  • Co-Founder of You Can Group
  • Partner and Board Member of the Food For Climate League
  • Member of the Google Food Lab
  • Board member of CAAB (Agri-Food Centre of Bologna)
  • Member of the Action Council on Sustainability & Global Emergencies – B20 Italy, 2021; Sustainability & Climate taskforce at B20 Saudi Arabia; Sustainable Food System Task Forces, B20 Argentina; SME Dev Task Forces, B20 China, and Germany
  • Member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

Sara is a seasoned growth expert, working with globally-recognized, high-profile think tanks on setting the agenda for the sustainable food industry. The top-notch entrepreneur and public figure in food sustainability is bringing radical change in the food sector through her exceptional work and ventures that are focused on innovating the food industry for the welfare of people and their health.

She believes:

“The desire to make good food accessible to everybody, while discovering new horizons and possibilities. I come from Emilia Romagna, in northern Italy, one of the most influential agri-food clusters globally. It integrates culinary traditions and world-class excellence in packaging, logistics, agriculture, and food processing. With the Future Food Institute, we try to connect and bring local knowledge to the forefront with a global network to leverage the impact we can make on the future through food, offering tools to strengthen and advance our community while nurturing a global food innovation scene.”

Sara Roversi

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