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The ‘Cool’ Start-up Perks is all that the modern employees need? Bursting the myth of fringe benefits



The 'Cool' Start-up Perks is all that the modern employees need

To work at a start-up in 2020 is to be barraged with a potluck of rewards.

This pattern started when Google began generally spending $72 million every year on free food for its workers, giving nap pods, and ping pong tables, and giving their representatives great vacation trips. Today, it’s normal for new companies to offer free transportation to and from work, a gym place to work out and give out substantial compensation to employees to enliven their workplaces.

These advantages seem all incredible on paper, yet a large portion of them was intended to keep workers bound within the workplace. In fact, if you ever happen to communicate with individuals who work at Google or renowned start-ups, a great deal of them are depressed.  

At the end of the day, sweet perks are not at all what makes the team productive. Additionally, they aren’t probably going to draw the pool of talented team members you need to help your start-up flourish. Instead, compensate your employees with productive work opportunities with immense chances of growth, and respect, which is fundamental.

While jumping onto the bandwagon of being a cool start-up is not the best thing to do. We have gathered for you the top three ideas that genuinely form a job that employees consider worth choosing and working for:

A Job with excellent remuneration and growth potential

Advantages are pleasant; however, they don’t supplant the prime purpose of a job.

Numerous tech start-up offers a lot of fun interruptions; however, that doesn’t change the way that a great deal of their staff is working on the desktops throughout the day, which means that these fun activities become vague ultimately.

Truth be told, psychologist Frederick Herzberg demonstrated in the early 1950s when he formulated his Motivator-Hygiene hypothesis. Herzberg overviewed various workers to discover what components caused them to feel fortunate or unfortunate about their employments. He found that specific factors of motivation, like accomplishment, acknowledgment, the work itself, duty, progression, and development—lead to fulfillment. So, it’s now clear as a crystal that the ‘cool’ trends of a start-up with a 24/7 spa on the spot or a 5-star restaurant onsite are definitely are not the things that make employees glad to be working for an organization.

Indoor Games Are Not Just Worth It

Advantages like ping pong would fall in the “cleanliness” class, which incorporates organization arrangements, supervision, work conditions, and compensation. As indicated by Herzberg, cleanliness factors are just gainful if the factors contributing to satisfaction are likewise high. So in organizations where the compensation and working conditions are severe yet, the work isn’t fascinating, employees won’t like their job at any chance.

On the contrary, if staff feel like they’re developing and growing in their skillsets, they’re bound to be spurred and fulfilled, accomplishing their job with great enthusiasm and zeal.

“There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.”

– Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

Working with Like-Minded People

You can be offered all the advantages on the planet, yet on the off chance that you report to somebody you don’t care for, or a boss who is you never had chemistry, you would never have an ounce of happiness at work.

leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him. But of a good leader who talks little when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves.

– Lao-Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

The trick is to procure individuals who are better social fits over individuals who were, in fact, infinitely talented. Choosing people with high cultural sense is useful on the grounds that flourishing a start-up is mainly dependent on progressing as a team. With great cultural sense comes excellent communication skills to interact with teammates and having a work-family. This isn’t to state everyone in the organization must be closest companions of yours, yet it is imperative to have a healthy bonding with individuals you tend to spend 40 hours per week with.

An Adaptable Work Schedule

Numerous organizations offer great vacation packages as a tactic to attract talented employees.

In any case, while that sounds incredible in principle, Bruce Elliot, Chief at Society For Human Resource Management’s (SHRM), found that when given the opportunity of unlimited paid-time-off (PTO), employees choose not to take extra offs than usual. As a matter of fact, they took less paid leaves due to the sense of entitlement.

The sense of entitlement indeed makes employees responsible and considerate. If you wish your start-up to succeed, then don’t anticipate that individuals should be in the workplace at exactly 9 in the morning, or complete their 9 hours of the shift. Make your employees comfortable and provide them with a flexible work schedule. Whether the employees need to go to the bank or get a haircut during the shift hours, that is fine. Or, even if the employees need to leave in the middle of the workday to pick kids from the school, it should be normalized provided that they complete their work with honesty, give legitimate reasons, inform authorities and contribute actively to help the start-up grow.

Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”

– Brian Kristofek, President and CEO, Upshot

Likewise, reward individuals for pampering themselves, since that prompts greater efficiency and inspiration among employees. Significantly, offer a wellbeing program that permits individuals to gain more paid leave by running a marathon, doing a mediation course, or picking up a new healthy habit like sports. This way, the employees will also be empowered to manage stress at the workplace easily.

At the day’s end, don’t merely offer your employees fringe benefits because one of your competitors is also providing it to their employees. Only offer it when you sincerely care about the wellbeing of your employees and want them to be safe and gratified at work. Communicate with your group and make sense of what might make them feel satisfied at work. All in all, fringe benefits alone never lead to creating a cool environment to work for employees, the culture, the organizational structure, and leadership styles enforced at the workplace are significant aspects of motivation for employees. A comfortable work environment, along with the fringe benefits, surely serves to help start-ups practice employee retention.

Hire great people and give them the freedom to be awesome.”

– Andrew Mason, Founder, Groupon

All things considered, nothing makes a working environment cool like a team that is energized to work diligently.

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