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The Constant Need to Learn Cyber Tactics



The Constant Need to Learn Cyber Tactics
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Growing up in a digitalized world, a majority of us pretty much experienced being a victim to a cyber-attack, or better yet, they at least know what happens when they get attacked. But the one unfortunate thing that many of us don’t know is HOW exactly we should counter these cybercrime activities and create a safe online space for ourselves.

According to TouchStone Security, it was found that more than 50% of american citizens had no idea what steps to take in case they had to experience a data breach. It also becomes extremely problematic when your IT department is busy working on improving cybersecurity and an unaware employee opens us a suspicious mail which gives hackers the perfect entry to invade cybersecurity protocols.

This is a vicious cycle that continues to put your business at risk and allows hackers to further exploit your business in the future. In such trying times, we look for solutions by consulting with professionals in the field.

Michael Antonio Echols is an American cybersecurity evangelist, author, entrepreneur, and international cybersecurity keynote speaker who has been making a massive positive difference in the cybersecurity industry.

Echols formerly worked at the United States Department of Homeland Security, where he was the head of the ISAO programs and served as the Senior Cybersecurity Executive and Critical Infrastructure Protection Strategist. He chaired the Communications Sector Government Coordinating Council, the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, and various other roles that further improved his cybersecurity tactics.

Later on, he became the founder and CEO of Max Cybersecurity LLC, a national cybersecurity consultation that helps organizations worldwide by providing them their services to keep them safe from potential cyber threats.

As someone who has spent a majority of his time in this industry, he states that one of the major reasons why cybercrime has not been depleting over the past couple of years is due to the lack of cyber training. People need to empower themselves with the knowledge and skills to tackle cybercrimes.

Prepared For Any Surprises

One of the most fruitful things that come out of cybersecurity training is that you can always be prepared for the unexpected.

The world of cybersecurity is continuously evolving, and with it, so are the tactics that can improve your skills to deal with cybercriminals. The more you train and keep up to date with the latest trends in the cyber world, the easier it will become for you to deal with sudden cyber-attacks more efficiently.


You might not have done the math for this yet, but a single data breach can cost companies an average of about $3.86 million. This is why it will be more virtually and financially better for you to invest in cyber training so that you can avoid suffering from the costs of the data breach altogether. The best way to conduct cyber training is to provide employees with specific roles to train for. This way, it will increase their productivity, enhance their cyber knowledge and lower your financial burden significantly while obtaining all the benefits from the training.

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