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The CEO of Gold Standard Executive Protection Company, the World Protection Group, and 001, Kent Moyer Talks About the Surge in Fake Executive Protection Agents

The member of the executive protection agency has a massive responsibility on their shoulder to protect clients all while giving them the authority to relish their lavish lifestyle.



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The member of the executive protection agency has a massive responsibility on their shoulder to protect clients all while giving them the authority to relish their lavish lifestyle. Undoubtedly, this is a tremendous job that requires master training and leveraging the best equipment to keep high-profile clients safe and sound from all possible threats and harms.

However, there has been a surge in the security agents flexing on social media sites gaining huge followers on Insta and FB. These followers are awestruck by their dapper body shape and masculine appearance. “Yet, What the esteemed clients forget to realize is that this all is a façade. The purpose of security agents extends beyond physical appearance and involves having the right conduct, to cater to the needs of the client and never compromising on their mission that is protect their client the first and foremost,” says Kent Moyer, CEO of the World Protection Group and its Luxury Company 001. AS the CEO and Founder, Kent actively works with clients and security personnel to incorporate a philosophy of proactive, preventative security and attention to customer service. Moyer is a respected authority on executive protection and threat management and has managed hundreds of threat cases for high profile corporate and individual clients.

Kent Moyer reveals that in the past few years, there have been cases reported that depicted comprised security and safety from the agent’s end. “These cases have been increasing with the increasing number of ‘fake’ security agents taking the internet by storms, which makes it clear that this influencer culture and its impact on the executive protection agencies is doing more good than harm,” says Kent Moyer.

“In fact, a true security agent must keep social media at bay,” advises Kent Moyer. He explains that security agents must not jump on the bandwagon and keep updating their status updates on social media. Agents must not chase the spotlight and flaunt the lavish lifestyle they experience while serving the clients on Instagram. This is even against the ethics of the executive protection and is totally prohibited for the privacy of the client is compromised, and the potential criminals can keep an eye on the client through the agent’s social media handles. “There have been numerous cases reported in which such unprofessional happening by the agent led to threats like cyberattacks and abductions. The irony is where security agents are supposed to prevent these occurrences, they become the reason why it happened in the first place, and so it is an enormous matter of concern for the security agencies,” he says.

Security has undoubtedly become the biggest challenge all across the globe, with tech –advancements the threats too, has advanced. So more and more high-profile individuals are looking for the right security agency. Yet, they, too, end up becoming the victim of influencer culture and opt for the people who have the greatest number of followers. Therefore, Kent Moyer works tirelessly to ensure that he creates an aware community of clientele, making them realize that these lethal desires to become social media ‘stars’ by the security agent makes things worse for the clientele, where private security lose it meaning and purpose.

Additionally, realizing this gap, Kent Moyer came up with the idea of integrating sophisticated software that regularly monitors the various social media site in the operations of The World Protection Group and 001. “I know how dangerous this can be, and so with the help of the software, we are capable of weeding out the culprit agents who are indulged in gaining a fan following showcasing their façade of superstardom,” he says. Without a doubt, while focusing on filling the gap holes, Kent Moyer has skyrocketed the Executive Protection industry and created its standards to maintain the privacy of the clients. “After all, being fake is not the job of a genuine security agent,” says Moyer.

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