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The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in the World Today

Businesses are looking at different ways to leave a positive impact on the plant, and as a result, are moving sustainable practices. Here are some of the most popular sustainable fashion brands in the world nowadays.



The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in the World Today

Sustainable fashion is the future, especially when we consider just how important it is. Fashion brands are now taking stock of the carbon footprint that they leave on the world, and they are making amends. Businesses are looking at different ways to leave a positive impact on the plant, and as a result, are moving sustainable practices. Here are some of the most popular sustainable fashion brands in the world nowadays.


AMUR is a highly recognized sustainable fashion brand located in the center of New York.

It arises from the premise that fashion should not be born without first being aware of what surrounds us, and that this is capable of achieving a balance between beauty and good intentions. “It is an approach that is included in our name: a conscious use of resources.”

The badge uses eco-friendly textile use, such as organic cotton and other materials such as GOTS certified silk, Cupro and fiber regeneration.

GOTS certified silk, Cupro, is a type of yarn created based on a part of the cotton plant, which is normally undone in the production process.

This brand seeks not only to make garments but also to dictate and seek workshops and people trained in artisan culture on the process of making sustainable fashion brands.

You can find luxury garments, with exceptional colors, and many friendly designs with flower shapes, dresses and jumpsuits, blouses and tops, etc. All this you can even acquire through online purchases.


This innovative “cool girl” brand has caused a stir. As in the case of AMUR, Flower was born in New York City.

This modern nightwear brand works in conjunction with Hindu artisans, who are the creators of the flower designs by hand.

Flor took a great turn in sustainability aspects by finding itself in association with NEST, a non-profit entity, which unites professional designers and craftsmen worldwide.

The type of designs they make is the same ones that come to mind when thinking about luxurious fashion. It is an excellent option if you want to dress on your special occasion.

Gabriela Hearst

The responsibility that Gabriela Hearst, fashion designer, acquired was to create a brand with a solid and current particularity, without the ethical commitment and key values, making it clear that the raw material with which she makes them comes from a conscious luxurious process.

The raw material of the products with which they are made come from their family compound located in the South American country Uruguay, which means that it regulates the production process as much as possible, from the beginning to the result.

Even Gabriela Hearst is about to become the main figure that will replace each of the plastic containers with the TIPA plastic containers, whose biodegradation and decomposition occur around 180 days.


Dôen has his birthplace in Los Angeles, California. Its variety is inspired by vintage-style designs and “nostalgia for California of past decades.” The insignia acquires the commitment focused on national production.

With regard to products made abroad, Dôen carefully chooses only those manufacturers that guarantee decent wages and fair labor factors.

Much of the merchandise produced here is manufactured manually and with raw material from nature. In addition, annually, Dôen prepares a collection for the smallest of the house, with 100% of the proceeds going to Room to Read.


Tome is the figure of clothing brands based on ethical thoughts, which is sold and represented with the hashtag #EVERYWOMAN which is inspired by Art #madebywomen.

This brand also matches its birthplace with other brands, yes, New York City. This brand has clean cuts and the garments have a special taste.

Each part of the collection is produced in an ethical manner, with a vision of inclusion and diversity. Sustainability represents an important piece in Tome, and she reaffirms it through the use of dyes of natural origin.

This type of dye has its origin in the flowers of the temples located throughout the length and breadth of India. They even add organic hemp, cotton and bedding to their set of products.

A curious fact is that the tassels that are seen in some of the products were made by women in refuge resettled in Texas.

Irwin Garden

Without a doubt, one of the sustainable fashion brands that we can highlight is the Irwin Garden. This brand has a passion to regulate each of the steps of the process in which the manufacture of its products is carried out.

Proud to sell series of clothes with local design and manufacture, precisely located in the “garment district” in New York City.

The designers are able to keep an eye on the cuts and seams of the clothing in a simple way, as well as continue with the support for those who work with skills in the companies established in the district.

Irwin Garden merchandise is designed to represent femininity and a return to clothing products without specific seasons.

Their garments have a classic style, however, they do not leave aside the fun, friendly and warm style.

Danielle Fichera

Fichera brings to the market its best series of fashions for a Resort-style, which every current traveler can trust, and of course, they will want to acquire. They express: “The brand combines wanderlust with a simple sophistication that can be used everywhere.”

Their series of the merchandise is made with high-quality fabrics and they are produced in small sustainable collections. Each piece of the insignia is made locally in New York City.

Fichera acquires the responsibility of eliminating the waste of raw material unnecessarily through its repeated use and the repeated use of standards.

Eleven Six

Among some other eco-friendly brands, we have Eleven Six in this position. It has a delicate and fresh style. The sustainable fashion brand was born after a trip, which Catherine and Nick, a founding couple, undertook to the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru.

They were so inspired by this journey that they embarked on their own corporate brand and began their rise in the industry. Eleven Six is ​​recognized today thanks to its pieces that can be used to combine.

It’s made with the best alpaca yarn by the hand of sustainable artisans. These are just some of the most popular sustainable fashion brands in the world right now.

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