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Technology Wages War on Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19-sensing drones – unmanned surveillance aerial vehicles –  are sweeping the concept of “Impossible” off its feet and thrashing it against a French adage of “No one is expected to achieve the impossible.



Technology Wages War on Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc on a global scale. The commending Technological war to shunt the fatal strain and abate calamity in an interconnected world is inevitable.

The Coronavirus crisis collapsed and derailed the vulnerable health care system. To be blatantly honest, it unveiled the fragility of it in unsuspected magnitudes. It has evoked a predicament where tens of thousands succumbed to death, millions left to cater to themselves with none to attend to their supplications. Suffice it to say; it has beset the world in its lethal fold. If nothing else, the crumbling healthcare system woke the concerned authorities up from their abysmal inertia – not all heroes wear caps now, do they?

SARS ( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) or Coronavirus, they were prone to disrupt the very stability of human existence to the core. To the novel genome, stay wary of technology; it is a 3-pronged spear, and it is on its way to dismantle, dissect, and nib your spread to the bud irreversibly.

Droning the Coronavirus Away

The human race will never forget the immense contributions of war heroes:  drones. In a literal sense, we, the mere mortals, bequeathing our survival on their mercy. The idea of “The Terminator” (film series) does not seem so far-fetched now. Does it?

#4 Disinfecting the Corona War Crimes

Drones sprinkle pesticides in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, and forestry fields. In the Coronavirus outbreak consequence, they hover to spray disinfecting chemicals over cities to eradicate or somewhat minimize the threat of cross-infection. Many countries have opted for this approach, namely  USA, Pakistan, and pioneer China, whose drone market leader DJI Innovation Technology swept the carpet – literally –  with the introduction of Agras MG-1 series 8-rotor spraying drones in 2015

Did You Know: Coronavirus lives on our asphalts for over three days? Now, mother OCD sounds genius. Isn’t it?

#3 Drone Masquerading as Fever Detection Kit

COVID-19-sensing drones – unmanned surveillance aerial vehicles –  are sweeping the concept of “Impossible” off its feet and thrashing it against a French adage of “No one is expected to achieve the impossible.” Okay, compagnon! The drones are thermal-induced to check the temperature, heart, and respiratory rates of quarantined people from a distance before informing the health officials. Not only that, but it also senses sneeze and cough in a congregation of people.

Did You Know: Once the fever is detected, it drops face masks to people showing symptoms of coronavirus to manage the coronavirus outbreak.

#2 Dr. Drone of Medicine

The novel virus feeds on person-to-person and confounds the already vanquishing human contact. Keep it that way, the collective appeal of most susceptible to virus’ barnacles. Drone are medical samples delivery systems reducing the physical contact and prevent secondary virus transmission during the entire process.  It efficiently and consistently speeds up the critical feedback procedure.

Did You Know: The aerial delivery shrivels the delivery time tenfolds?

#1 Drone Consumption Cartel

Drone food delivery has arisen as a miracle of God. Rural areas with deteriorating transformational infrastructure, challenging landscapes, and the semi-isolated islands are benefiting with Drone vehicles in many countries.  Food or other consumer items are easily accessible by people residing in Urban or Rural areas alike.  

Did You Know:  Coronavirus catastrophe had usurped different modes of transport for routine grocery delivery?

Wrapping Up

With the draconian onslaught of price hikes and declined living standards, the coronavirus pandemic clutches and squeezes the windpipe a bit more; one breathe at a time. The economy is crumbling, invoking disturbing import/ export tariffs, healthcare system disembodying, humans can only have faith in God’s mercy, and His human’s empathizing hearts.

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