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Qualities You Can Adopt From a Child That Can Lead You to a Successful Life as an Adult

Kids do not carry the pain of negative experiences which allows them to have their playfulness. Many times our unwillingness to let go of past burdens is the hindrance in our success as an adult.




Kids are beautiful. Everyone loves to be around them and play with them but if we take a moment and observe them there are several qualities that can be adopted and that can transform ordinary lives into successful ones. If we are careful to observe them they possess many leadership qualities that usually people pay to learn. The question though is, are you willing to learn from a child. Here are the qualities that you can learn from a child.

  1. Playfulness: This is the most prominent trait that children possess. Adults have become serious about everything. Our faces look grumpy at all times. Observing a child can teach you that no matter how tough the situation seems, with a playful attitude you can pave your way without losing mental peace.
  2. Letting go: A child’s life is easy because they do not stick on to the negative experiences. Something horrible can happen to them in the morning and you can see them smiling again till the evening. Kids do not carry the pain of negative experiences which allows them to have their playfulness. Many times our unwillingness to let go of past burdens is the hindrance in our success as an adult. Letting go is the secret to success.
  3. Curiosity: Be curious like a child. They question everything. Curiosity is the primary requirement to acquire knowledge. If you learn to be inquisitive like a child you will be open to completely other dimensions of knowledge. Being open-minded and curious about things is what will allow you to learn. Leaving the box of conventions is the primary condition to learn. Be curious, be knowledgeable.
  4. Perseverance: Fall 7, stand up 8. We have been acquainted with this famous sentence and what can be the true depiction of this other than a child. A child refuses to give up when they face adversities. If you want to learn this quality of leadership you should observe a child who is learning to walk. No matter how many times they fall they continue to get up on their feet and try again.
  5. Creativity: a child is the epitome of creativity. The come up with unimaginable and unique ideas which are often shunned by their elders. Eventually, their brains get shaped to follow conventional societal norms. A leader is the creative child who refuses to let go of creativity. Creativity allows you to think out of the box and this is the common trait in every leader. To think out of the box and to come up with unique solutions to the problems rather than giving in to the circumstances and blaming the situation is the trait of a leader. Observing a child can teach you this trait.

Growing up we tend to lose our childlike qualities. Evident enough we can see our quality of life declining as an adult. Nature has gifted everyone with the necessary qualities to have a successful life. As we grow up we tend to try hard to fit into the conventional norms and that leads to our innate leadership qualities being masked. That takes us away from our true nature and makes us only good enough to lead a life. A child can teach us how to lead a happy and content life even in troubled times. Many times we create problems for our own selves.

We drag the burdens that can be shed and can allow us to focus on improving the quality of our lives. This art can be learned from a child. Why is it that everyone wants to be around a child? That is because they are playful and do not cling on to things. There are many other qualities that can be learned if you carefully observe. The question though is, Are you ready to learn from a child.

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