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Strategies Women Can Implement To Empower Other Women



Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

In the age of the continuous gender gap, wage gap, the #MeToo movement, it is crucial that, as women, we actively work to support and empower one another as individuals as access to equality in the workplace are even more arduous. Perhaps the worst disadvantage women have is that they don’t support other women, or worse, actively disrupt other women in the workplace. When women come together – great things can transpire. We, as women, can empower other women, uplift one another, mentor one another, ensure our voices are heard, so we get supported, recognized, promoted, and receive unbiased acknowledgment for our work.

Let’s relate to Zahra Shah, a British Pakistani entrepreneur who has achieved a flourishing career over a decade and a half. She is a Co-Founder, Non-Executive Director and Investor at Seers (a leading privacy & consent management platform) as well as being a Trustee (and former CEO) for a leading BAME non-profit in the UK and board advisor to a tech startup incubator. She has a background in management consultancy with over a decade of experience at Accenture within the Financial Services – Capital Markets sector.

Zahra Shah continues to inspire us through her professional endeavors to empower women from different backgrounds through her work as Co-Chair of TIE London Women and leading a support group initiative for female founders across Europe as an alumnus of the Google for Startups Female Founder Program. She also tries to balance her work life with her family life and loves raising 2 beautiful girls with the help of her very supportive husband!

Zahra believes that women should work flexibly without surrendering their personal and family life. She thinks that women should learn from their failures and mistakes to encourage and help other women to do the same.

Zahra suggests five distinct ways are given below in which women can empower each other:

Be Honest

A crucial component of empowerment is truthfulness. We have to be willing to tell a fellow female associate when they are wrong or have committed a blunder in a kind manner. It should not be a “caught you being bad instant,” but rather an occasion for growth. By being honest, we open the door to debate about pathways, practices, and performance and how we can frequently improve to be the best version of ourselves. 

Be A Cheerleader

We empower other women when we celebrate their accomplishments. We should never allow ourselves to be endangered by another woman’s achievements – other women’s success does not reduce our success. In fact, women should use the success of other women as a source of inspiration. Being a cheerleader, for one, spreads a broader net.

Encourage Other Women To Step Up

It is an essential element in empowering other women because we can easily get caught up in our everyday roles and tasks, so we do not consider potential opportunities, which can broaden our skills or enhance our careers. But it is also significant to support women in saying “No,” to avoid taking on too many responsibilities and being spread too thin. Keep reminding yourself: ‘No’ is a complete sentence.

Tell Your Story

It does not matter what our spot is, how quickly we got there; we all hit roadblocks along the way – some placed by others, some we established ourselves. Other women can learn from our mistakes and our successes, but only if we share those stories. Our stories also help others relate to us, to see themselves in our shoes. Image matters, so share your story to inspire others. 

Ensure Our Voices Are Heard

While women need to step up and benefit from a place at the table, that does not mean other women cannot guarantee other women’s voices are heard at the table. It can be as simple as asking a female colleague for their view. It can also mean giving junior colleagues opportunities to speak at the table by inviting them to present at meetings, conferences, etc.

Be A Role Model

Empowering other women to speak and express themselves also carries with it a responsibility to curtail pessimism. By supporting other women, we can affect change. We feel more confident, we start to believe in our power, and we think more fortified to take on new trials. This is not to suggest that empowering women is, in some way, disempowering men. Nor am I suggesting that we step on men or cast them apart. The goal is to empower associated women to level the playing field, improve their performance and provide pathways to those who are following in our footsteps.

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