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Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life



Habits, whether good or bad, have the power to “stick” or stay with us for a long time. Some of them are very obvious such as exercising, sleeping at least eight hours, and eating healthy, etc. However, there are also those that are not so obvious and that we pass by. Now, I share with you 10 habits that I have tried and many of which I am still developing and implementing. There are 10 actions based on my own experience, after observing myself, observing others and observing my environment, that have positively impacted my life.

1. Decrease dependency and cell phone use

The mere fact of turning off the phone a moment and giving us the time to really be present where and with whom we are, is not only a sign of respect, but it connects us with the here and now, and allows us to concentrate on the other, in what we are living and what we are learning from that precise moment of our life.

2. Look at the other in the eyes

There’s nothing like talking to someone who looks you in the eyes. This little action to me has taught me to connect with people, generate empathy, and show the importance it has for me. The feeling that generates in me and in others, has helped me to reveal an intimate part of me, but it is worth it when the reward is also to discover and approach the others.

3. Leave judgments aside and recognize the good in others

Stop thinking why the other acts as acting or says what he says, is a good first step I’ve tried to connect with other people. Recognizing that we all have different stories and that thanks to that, we are constantly enriched, helps us see the positive in others instead of looking for their mistakes and shortcomings.

4. Thank

To appreciate the good, the bad, and what happens every day, because the “bumps” only show us what we must learn to become who we want to be.  To be thankful helps us grow as human beings, it brings us closer to others and to the good that this life has for us.

5. Open the mind, experiment, break the routine

Doing what we have never done only out of fear, meeting people with whom we would never have spoken for being different, for belonging to another group, sex or ideology, makes us grow more like people, and see the world through other eyes, but Above all, it opens up to us a panorama of life that we have never known and that pushes us to know more, to know, to travel, and to live intensely.

6. Start or resume an activity just for pleasure or passion

How many activities or passions have remained in the inkwell of our life? Many times routine, work, and obligations take us away, more and more, from the passions with which we were born, from the passion with which we played as children. In my experience, resuming some of these activities has given me back my playful, creative, and dreamy spirit, to give way to projects that would have been left as children’s games.

7. Read

This habit automatically improves our language, our spelling, and knowledge of the world; it takes us to travel and to know places and people that otherwise would have been impossible, and, as if that were not enough, it gives us a topic of conversation! I invite you to start today. It does not have to be an encyclopedia, you can start by reading articles about topics that interest you: search the internet or subscribe to a blog. Choose the theme and author you prefer, and discover the world through the wonderful habit of reading.

8. Let things flow, have the patience to mature

It has happened to me at times to want to evaluate the success of my projects, both personal and work, in virtue of the shortest possible time that they have needed to be successful. And honestly, this way of rating situations has generated frustration, fatigue and of course, also a lot of learning, because I’ve realized that the more I let things flow, I allow them to mature, grow and flourish, I let them become what they are meant to be.

9. Stop sabotaging yourself

If you keep thinking that everything is wrong, what do you think will continue to happen? The answer is very simple. Self-sabotage attacks in the moments that you least expect: when you are about to launch a project, when you try to start an activity or when you face the adverse situations of life. Many people are paralyzed by thinking that they cannot do it, that they are not trained or that they are not attractive or capable enough. Eliminating these thoughts and evaluate objectively, knowing your “pros” and your “cons”, will help you find your center and follow with firm steps in any project you undertake.

10. Help someone

It is not just a matter of money or supernatural effort. Helping someone means giving you your time, experience, and any other type of resource (a hug, maybe, or words of encouragement), and that can be done by anyone, any day. In my experience, I have proven that life shows us every day the opportunity to help someone, sometimes in such simple ways and sometimes not, but always these situations are there for us more than for the others, to make us grow as human beings and elevate our spirit.

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