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‘Sequans Communications’ Bridges the Gap of Internet Connectivity, Facilitating Remote Learning Amid Pandemic

Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS), driving provider of chips and modules for broadband, critical, massive IoT, AMIT Wireless, producer of wireless M2M and IoT solutions



Sequans Communications Bridges the Gap of Internet Connectivity Facilitating Remote Learning Amid Pandemic
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The Covid pandemic has made remote learning the standard. The social distancing and lockdown orders have forced great schools to move on the web. While numerous individuals appreciate the learn from the home trend, the new normal is not feasible for people with internet issues, a Wilson Electronics report discovered.

Internet connectivity is pivotal to learn from home effectively. As COVID-19 spread across the world, the utilization of internet devices has skyrocketed. Yet, with a defective or nonexistent internet connection, students suffer from actively participating in educational endeavors, which is worsening the circumstance.

By far, most school district leaders and administrators say that a portion of their students actually does not have adequate web access at home for remote learning. Two ongoing studies reflect strong convictions among instructors that the degree of home internet access in communities they serve keeps on being deficient. With the possibility of schools having to continue with distant learning in some fashion for the 2020-21 academic year, these student’s lack of fast internet will keep on being a significant issue, which should be addressed rapidly and fundamentally. An inability to do so implies those students, a large number of whom have already fallen behind academically, will just further trail their better-connected buddies.

With a great many students learning from home as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the direness to resolve connectivity issues remains exceptionally immense.

Sequans Communication Bridges the Connectivity Gap

Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS), driving provider of chips and modules for broadband, critical, massive IoT, and AMIT Wireless, producer of wireless M2M and IoT solutions around the world, have worked together on two new connectivity gadgets to encourage distant learning. Established in 2003, Sequans is situated in Paris, France, with offices in the United States, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Finland, Taiwan, South Korea, and China. The company with this collaboration desires to facilitate distance learning, providing fast connectivity.

The new devices depend on the Sequans Cassiopeia CB610L module,  which is optimized for CBRS OnGo networks in the US. The USB dongle (IDG120-C6U01) connects laptops or other USB gear to CBRS OnGo networks, and the other is a cell WAN (wide area network) extender (IDG500-C6012) that connects existing Ethernet-based hardware to CBRS OnGo organizations.

4G-CBRS USB Dongle

The IDG120-C6U01 compact LTE Category 6 USB dongle proffers connectivity to laptops or other USB equipment to connect with the LTE CBRS OnGo network. It is worked with a high-speed Cat 6 LTE-TDD modem powered by Sequans Cassiopeia CB610L module, which includes support for carrier aggregation, conveying a superior user experience.

4G-CBRS WAN Extender

The Dual-SIM, IDG500-C6012, Category 6 WAN extender gives connectivity to Ethernet-based devices to CBRS OnGo networks. Being one compact solution, it gives fast LTE Cat 6 connectivity powered by Sequans’ Cassiopeia CB610L module. It bolsters numerous VPN technologies, empowering VPN passage and remote site provisioning for a secure connection. It likewise bolsters Wi-Fi 802.11n.

Sequans’ Cassiopeia CB610L module is an independent all-in-one module solution, which delivers LTE Cat 6 throughput. Cassiopeia CB610L upholds CBRS networks in the USA on LTE band 48 and MNO networks worldwide on LTE groups 42/43. The CB610L features exclusive LCC (leadless chip carrier) packaging and compact.

Both AMIT Wireless and Sequans are individuals from the CBRS/OnGo Alliance, an industry association devoted to supporting the commercialization, development, and adoption of LTE solutions for the US 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service. “The global pandemic has created a high demand for distance learning using CBRS private networks and solutions,” said Bertrand Debray, VP and head of Sequans broadband IoT business unit. “AMIT has tremendous expertise in networking and product design and has built two powerful connectivity solutions that have all of the necessary capabilities needed to facilitate high-speed distance learning with robust data throughput. We are pleased to work with AMIT to make these important solutions available at this time.”

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