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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra just got beaten by iPhone 12 Pro Max

S21+ has incredible zoom features that you can’t find on the iPhone 12 Pro, so it depends on how you prefer to use your camera.



Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra just got beaten by iPhone 12 Pro Max
S21+ has incredible zoom features that you can’t find on the iPhone 12 Pro, so it depends on how you prefer to use your camera.

iPhone 12 Pro Max:

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro is a package of a ton of convenient and powerful specifications. Counting from its smart camera and FaceID to the flawless Internet Operating System network, the iPhone tends to add a status symbol by simplifying your life.

Smart camera functionalitySlower refresh rate
MagSafe technologyThat notch though
State-of-the-art processor 
Excellent ecosystem and multi-device integration 

Samsung Galaxy S21:

Samsung introduced an all-new design in the S21 series, with a 120Hz refresh rate. The good looks and highly developed display of the Samsung Galaxy S21+ are enough to turn any head. And let’s not fail to remember that 30X zoom!

Innovative designFeels bulky
Beautiful 6.7-inch AMOLED 2X displayShorter battery life
30X digital zoom 
Smooth 120Hz refresh rate 

You cannot be looked down upon with any of these smartphones, but choosing between the iPhone 12 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S2 + will be a turning point in your user preferences and lifestyle. The Galaxy offers an incredible display with a higher energizing / refresh rate, while the iPhone 12 Pro keeps the title for the best camera with remarkable image quality in any light. For practicality, the iPhone 12 Pro now features very cool MagSafe technology, permitting all kinds of charging and case accessories. On the contrary, the S21+ has improved zoom features built into the camera.

iPhone 12 Pro vs. Galaxy S21 Plus: Display versus durability

Talking about its design, the Samsung Galaxy S21+ is appealing to a brand new look that includes an outline cut camera set in a straight line into the aluminum carcass. The consequence is a sufficient distinction between aluminum and glass, a contrast that is even more outstanding in the violet and gold colorway. While the iPhone 12 Pro is undoubtedly attractive in its throwback squared blueprint, the Galaxy S21+ has a more glossy and new look. As expected, the Samsung Galaxy is more prominent, thicker bodied, and way heavier than the iPhone 12 Pro, thus, if you like to use your phone one-handed, this might be something to pay heed to.

There’s no refusal about the Galaxy S21+ has a better display, but the Ceramic Shield incorporated into the iPhone 12 screen shows the display in fall analysis.

Where the Galaxy S21+ stands out is in its display. The large 6.7-inch screen is dazzling and vibrant with AMOLED 2X technology, a full 100 nits brighter than the iPhone 12. It is also more extensive than the iPhone 12 Pro, which may or may not be a first-class thing, depending on your perspective. The S21+ also has a swift 120Hz refresh rate, which is visibly smoother than the 60Hz refresh rate on the iPhone. Lastly, the iPhone 12 Pro still has that disreputable black notch, which is a bit off-putting when weighed against the Galaxy’s seamless edge-to-edge design. There’s no disagreement that the Galaxy S21+ has the better display.

The iPhone 12 Pro is more resilient, though, with a more significant squared, aluminum-wrapped frame and Ceramic Shield display. Whereas the Gorilla Glass Victus screen on the S21+ is reasonably challenging, the Ceramic Shield added into the iPhone 12 screens shows better results in drop tests. It will likely hold up better under harsh handling than the Galaxy.

Key differences between iPhone 12 Pro vs. Galaxy S21 Plus

Here we have got two of the best-in-class handsets with very diverse features to offer. Both iPhone 12 Pro and Galaxy S21+ are well-thought-out two of the world’s most highly developed smartphones. But they look very different when compared on one scale. Factually, the SGS21+ has a more prominent, better display, and the iPhone 12 Pro brings all the convenience of the built-in MagSafe technology.

SpecificationsiPhone 12 Pro MaxSamsung Galaxy S21
Display6.1‑inch OLED display, Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate60Hz refresh rate6.7-inch AMOLED 2x display
ColorsGraphite, Gold, Silver, Pacific BluePhantom Black, Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, Phantom Gold, Phantom Red
Storage and RAM128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, plus 6 GB RAM128 GB, 256 GB, plus 8 GB RAM
BatteryFast charging (20W charger sold separately),2,815mAh,  Qi wireless charging systemQi wireless charging feature, 4,800 mAh, Fast charging (Charger sold separately),
Camera12MP TrueDepth frontTriple lens 12-megapixel wide and 12MP ultra-wide rear,  64 MP telephoto rear, 10MP front
Headphone jackNoneNone
IP ratingIP68IP68
SoftwareiOS 14Android 11
Size and weight5.78×2.81×0.29 inches, 164g6.36×2.98×0.31 inches, 200g

Although both the phones are inspiring when it comes to technical specs, the Galaxy S21+ looks better in soft copy with a larger screen, a larger battery, and better camera hardware. However, when it comes to everyday use, the iPhone 12 Pro is undoubtedly way better and has a lot to offer.


Hopefully, the points laid out in this piece of research will help you in your decision-making when it comes to picking a world-class smartphone. If you are fond of a big, bright display that’s positively in demand for exceptional video playback and gaming features, then the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra+ will be unquestionably eye-catching.

Photographers and videographers, contrarily, will love the smart computational photography offered by iPhone 12 pro max, even the Dolby Vision soundtrack facility. If you edit on a Macbook, then the Apple ecosystem will make things convenient for content creators since the procedure works so effortlessly. Subsequently, yet again, the SGS21+ has incredible zoom features that you can’t find on the iPhone 12 Pro, so it depends on how you prefer to use your camera. Price should not be a matter of concern in this decision, as both the phones are on sale at almost the same price. This decision will primarily depend on your smartphone’s utilization and which one fits better into your lifestyle and social circle.

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