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Samsung announces Galaxy Buds Pro, most premium earbuds yet

Finally, the new Galaxy Buds Pro integrate much better into the ecosystem of Samsung devices , since like the AirPods and the Apple ecosystem, the Galaxy Buds Pro.



Samsung announces Galaxy Buds Pro, most premium earbuds yet
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The Korean company finally unveiled its new wireless headphones, the Galaxy Buds Pro. They have a design for the inner ear that is similar to that of the Galaxy Buds Plus but with an aesthetic inspiration in the Buds Live. The Buds Pro do not have a bean-shaped design but they do have a similar metallic finish as well as their charging case is similar.

Samsung claims that these new devices offer the best audio experience ever offered in its other hearing aids. Active sound cancellation is also expected to be better thanks to the fact that these headphones manage to cover the entire ear. The company has also improved the ambient sound mode where ambient noise can be amplified by up to 20 decibels. These hearing aids can detect when the user is speaking and automatically switch to ambient mode and lower the volume.

They are also expected to have superior microphone performance than their other models as these headphones feature three internal microphones and a voice recognition unit.

The Galaxy Buds Pro will offer up to five hours of continuous use with sound cancellation activated and enough power in its case to add an additional 13 hours. They have a resistance to water and sweat of IPX7 and will be available in black, silver and purple just like the Galaxy S21 line.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has a slightly different design than the Galaxy Buds +, being smaller than the originals and also resistant to water, with an IPX7 certification. The Buds Pro offers a sound superior to its predecessors, incorporating a 6.5mm tweeter and an 11mm woofer.

But where the new Samsung headphones stand out most is in their active noise cancellation. The Buds Pro incorporates 3 microphones inside – one more compared to the Buds +. These microphones incorporate an audio pick-up unit that minimizes ambient noise to give focus to the voice and thus improve conversations and recognition of attendees.

Active noise cancellation is smart too. Through AI, the hearing aids can automatically change the degree of noise cancellation required based on the noise levels in the environment. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Buds Pro can suppress up to 99% of outside noise.

In addition, noise cancellation can be turned off automatically when the user begins to speak and in addition, the hearing aids have a wind protection technology, improving the quality of conversations in situations that other hearing aids could suffer more.

Finally, the new Galaxy Buds Pro integrates much better into the ecosystem of Samsung devices, since like the AirPods and the Apple ecosystem, the Galaxy Buds Pro can automatically connect to the Samsung devices that the user is using.

It is worth noting that the company has completely moved away from wired headphones and there are no more headphone jacks in all of its flagship devices. The Note 20 Ultra didn’t have one, nor does the S21.

It is also worth noting that the event was held much earlier this time around when compared with others. Samsung usually unveils the S series flagships sometime in the early weeks of March and the company soon puts them on sale.

This time around, the company has decided to take a leap forward and cut out more of the competition with the S21. Taking a page out of Apple’s business book, they have begun offering two variants; a standard entry-level variant and another more powerful one, which is the Buds Pro. Many would say that this is the decoy effect, as it forces the buyer into purchasing something that is more expensive by introducing a slightly cheaper variant. Now, obviously, for avid music listeners; this isn’t even a choice. Most people are willing to spend more and go for other wireless earbuds like Sony’s WF -1000 XM3 or get the flagship headsets from companies like Bose or Sony.

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