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Rob Youells Tips for Fitness

Rob Youells is a highly qualified bodybuilder who has won a bunch of titles and has a very toned physique.



Rob Youells Tips for Fitness

Rob Youells is a highly qualified bodybuilder who has won a bunch of titles and has a very toned physique. Many people look up to Rob to help with their fitness, but he’s a man of many talents. Apart from building a toned physique, he is also a very experienced drummer.

He has played with a bunch of different bands, including most recently, Evolution Empire and Generation Kill. He loves playing heavy metal music, and his high level of fitness definitely helps with those extreme drumming patterns. He collaborated with Darryl DMC McDaniels on Fragile Mortals and in our opinion, he has been one of the best drummers in the mix of today’s modern rock.

He shared quite a few tips with us for people who’d like to work on their fitness. For instance, he says that protein is very important for building a healthy physique, ranging from a gram to a gram and a half per pound of bodyweight depending on your goals.

A protein intake can be derived from lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and legumes.

And since not all proteins are the same, for proper muscle growth we can use a good variety of amino profiles by mixing it up with fish, meat and eggs, whey —which contains a high proportion of what is called more bioavailable proteins—. And finally, we must restrict fats and simple carbohydrates or sugars, which can spike blood sugar levels and make a person more prone to storing calories as fat.

How Many Times a Day?

A minimum of 5 times a day; or 6 if they are smaller and distributed shots, which will make you eat less in each one of them.

A breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack, dinner and at least one meal after training. You can add another small dose before going to bed, before training, at work… Make sure that the first and last meal of the day has protein in some form.

What Foods Are Not Allowed?

No diet should restrict any food, except fats and foods that contain a lot of sugar, a lot of oil or both, butter, fatty and melted cheeses, sausages (chorizo, salami, etc.), industrial pastries (cookies, cakes, etc.), sweets, sugary drinks, bag snacks and others (cookies, chips).

Sometimes you will have to give up certain things and take care of yourself.

The Best Proteins

Proteins should be a very important element to take into account. If we talk about protein quality —for the completeness of its amino acids, fish, egg and meat is the preferred order.

Legumes and cereals, although they provide protein, are not as useful for optimal muscle growth. Eggs were believed to increase cholesterol. Since 1999 it has been shown that this is not the case. You can eat 5, even 6 whole eggs a week.

Dairy products have the drawback of being necessary for greater quantity to provide the same amount of protein since their content is lower. They also contain cholesterol.

Microfiltered whey shakes are a great choice as a dietary supplement to take immediately after training. Take 20 to 25g.

Read The Nutritional Information

It is vitally important to get used to reading product labels and pay attention to the nutritional composition, always expressed per 100 g of food and which will indicate at least carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Sometimes – increasingly – you can find the values ​​broken down into sugars, poly and unsaturated fats, etc.

At first, you will have many labels to look at, but little by little you will learn to choose among your usual products, which one turns out to be healthier, lower in fat, or with more protein. Then it will be easier and faster for you to make the purchase, and it will be healthier.

As a general rule, try to consume foods with less than 10 grams of fat per 100 grams, except for those that are fundamentally fat or oil. 10 grams of sugar are also a value to avoid in a product. That is not to say that none of them can contain more fat and sugar, but systematically discarding them will help you avoid the accumulation of fat in your body.

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