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Rebecca Zung: America’s Leading Attorney in High Conflict Divorce Cases

The cues for an extraordinary attorney profile fit Rebecca Zung, who is most notably a Family Court attorney based in Florida.



Rebecca Zung
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The end of a relationship is always a difficult time in people’s lives. Knowing how to face a pothole of this caliber is difficult, but the drink is better if you have the right help. Next, we are going to offer you the primary keys to hiring the best-specialized divorce lawyers.

Having the help of a legal advisor is essential. And suppose that lawyer has also gone through the difficult process of ending a marriage relationship in person. In that case, he or she will understand even better the tough process you are going through. The goal for both you and your lawyer should be to complete this process, saving as much time and money as possible, but also discomfort and unpleasant moments.

Perhaps that mixture between sensitivity, personal experience and handling of the law, are the three main qualities to highlight in the best-specialized divorce lawyers. In any case, let’s disengage the term a bit more.

Why are lawyers necessary for a divorce?

For starters, finding a suitable divorce attorney is key to creating a faster and less costly process for clients. Otherwise, you run the risk of being caught up in a long and unending emotional and financial nightmare.

Therefore, in divorce cases, it is best to hire a lawyer who specializes in family law and has personal experience in the specific type of divorce that you think is best in your case.

The ideal lawyer has the knowledge, personal and legal experience that his clients need. This is: help to understand the process, anticipate the situations that you are going to experience, communicate and negotiate well.

A divorce attorney creatively solves problems and is experienced in other similar cases. If you have also traveled the hard road personally or have experienced first-hand the situations that you are experiencing now, you will know how to combine legal knowledge with your personal experience perfectly.

This is essential to be able to anticipate everything that can happen to you, giving you the best advice to avoid living situations much more tense or complicated than those you are already experiencing.

So you need one that can give you personalized attention. Regardless of whether or not your divorce is heading to trial, an attorney needs to have experience with family law judges so that he or she can properly advise you on legal strategy.

The cues for an extraordinary attorney profile fit Rebecca Zung, who is most notably a Family Court attorney based in Florida. Zung holds the prestige of being one of the top 1% attorneys in the U.S., and has been recognized as the “Best Lawyer in America” by United States News & World Report.

Zung’s legal prowess is well reflected in her passion for granting justice to parties in need. She brings her legal knowledge, trial experience, and state-of-the-art negotiation skills into play which have offered her close to a hundred percent success rate.

She is the author of Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win (foreword by Robert Shapiro) and Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom.

Let’s explore why Rebecca Zung is considered a champion of divorce cases by getting into the depth of key details about her professional profile:

Mastery of legal language

Rebecca Zung has exceptional knowledge of the legal system, constitutional laws, and important clauses. It is essential when it comes to acting before the courts. It can also be very useful when it comes to advising your client, appeasing their doubts and insecurities will be essential to close a representation deal that translates into economic benefits, greater experience and satisfaction labor.

Legal language is something that is perfected with practice. It helps a lot to constantly read the doctrine, attend or watch videos of presentations in legal forums, and be up-to-date regarding the field of law.

People skills

A lawyer cannot afford to be withdrawn and isolated; the social aspect is essential when monetizing our knowledge, being empathetic, accurate and self-confident will strengthen our skills to be a better lawyer. That extroverted lawyer has a greater chance of achieving job success.

Digital presence

Zung is quite active on her website where she connects with clients and internet based followers. She has capitalized on the key aspects of humanizing her profession by offering potential customers a proper and first hand insight into her work. She has written articles on a wide array of subjects which often reflect her understanding and legal experience with handling clients and winning cases.

Besides, Zung also has a YouTube channel where she actively creates engaging videos to connect with a greater segment of audience. This way, she continues to be one of the most in-demand attorneys in Florida.


Being disciplined and organized with all aspects that involve the practice of law is a core principle of Zung.

For her, it is a matter of greater competence and efficiency, and it is necessary to have order regarding the documents relevant to legal matters, as well as to have the relevant terms, deadlines and conditions identified such as prescriptions, expiration dates and regulatory elements that can make a huge difference in the result of litigation. Also, an organized file will optimize the response time, the quality and neatness of our work.


Most of the people who need requesting legal services, it is because they go through a negative circumstance, either because they violated their rights, violated the rights of someone else or go through a complex situation such as a divorce, an assignment of rights or a testamentary succession, the lawyer must use his conciliatory skills so that the client obtains the best benefit that the law can grant him, and in the same way, understands and assimilates his situation, diplomacy will help in decision-making, You will be able to reach voluntary agreements and have the best possible communication with those involved.


Although many lawyers would not agree that honesty is an essential value in legal practice, the reality is that in current times where the profession has been discredited. The image of the lawyer is related to a person of little ethics and projections greedy and venal. This quality is needed more than ever. All legal systems are created to achieve the main objective of law which is justice. If all lawyers were honest, the legal mechanisms would work correctly and effectively. Zung understands that being an honest lawyer will help people to recognize you as such and place their trust in your work, in addition to explaining to your client their legal situation accurately and without economic or social biases, it will speak well of you and increase the possibility of a positive recommendation.

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