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Pamela Winn: A Hope for Marginalized Women, Women of Color, And Incarcerated Women in The US

Pamela Winn being the Founder of the RestoreHER US.America, a reentry policy advocacy is committed to improving the lives of directly impacted women



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Pamela Winn the leading activist of Atlanta, Georgia, who is single mother of two sons, remains at the forefront to raise awareness about despicable condition of women in jail.  Studying biology at Spelman College and earning three post-secondary degrees in nursing. Pamela was a successful entrepreneur and worked as a registered nurse for over 10 years specializing in OB/GYN, gynecological oncology, and surgery. Yet, a white-collar crime made her serve a 78-month federal sentence that rather proved to be her defining moment. With the miserable situation she had to face in jail, Pamela did not allow the separation of her family, a miscarriage, revocation of her nursing license, and closing of her businesses to break her. Determined to not let her spirits vanish, Pamela Winn empowered herself to become the voice of incarcerated women all across the United States.

Pamela Winn being the Founder of the RestoreHER US.America, a reentry policy advocacy is committed to improving the lives of directly impacted women with the intention to bring an end to the mass incarceration of women of color and pregnant women. Winn shares that RestoreHER is a core movement partner of Southern Black Girls and Women, working actively to empower them.  Significantly, Pamela spearheaded the campaign, #DIGNITY For Incarcerated Women GA, that eventually lead HB345 passed “unanimously” finally ending the shackling and solitary confinement of incarcerated pregnant women in GA. Winn is also the co-founder of the Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network (FICGN) that advocate to transform the narrative of formerly incarcerated people through higher education. FICGN with over 1000 members nationwide in now the team of over 150 doctorate degrees and 5 law students.

Pamela Winn with her unwavering determination has emerged as the national leader in anti-shackling legislation. Serving on the Women’s Advisory Team with Human Impact Partners, Pamela Winn actively collaborated with public health officials and formerly incarcerated women addressing the social determinants of criminalization. While being an active member of the National Advisory Board that collaborates with several reputed organizations, Pamela Winn motivates former incarcerated women who were placed in the threatening stance due to shackling while pregnant, to pass anti-shackling laws in their states. With an incredible collaboration, these women have established a Bill of Rights for Incarcerated Pregnant People.

In 2017, Pamela Winn also facilitated Convening on Pregnancy in Correctional Settings, hosted by Pregnant in Prison Statistics. While with the collaboration of, Pamela Winn is currently leading a petition that has approximately 200K signatures with an endorsement from Senator Cory Booker. The petition advocates the Dignity For Incarcerated Women. Winn has also consulted on the national legislation, “Pregnant Women In Custody Act” introduced by Representative Karen Bass. She also remains to be major contributor, providing written and oral testimony for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Briefing: Women In Prison: Seeking Justice Behind Bars. She has been invited by Jared Kushner to the White House for the Prison Reform Summit as well as the Criminal Justice Reform to speak on “Women’s Issues” of incarceration. Pamela Winn’s voice has made its ways to millions of people, making the people realize the dire situation of incarcerated women, that is even worse than any torture. Pamela Winn was contributory in the historic passing of federal legislation HR5682, First Step Act.

Pamela’s determination has made her feature in Essence Magazine, “She The People”. Winn has been also contributed as the speaker on a number of panels and keynote across the nation including Spelman College, St. Olaf College, Emory University, Association For Justice-Involved Females and Organizations (AJFO) 2019, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, ForeverFamily, 2017 International Drug Policy Reform Conference hosted by the Drug Policy Alliance, and Dignity For Incarcerated Women Roundtable with Senator Cory Booker. In 2017, Pamela Winn became a Leading with Conviction Fellow of JustLeadership USA which is committed to plummeting mass imprisonment #HalfBy2030. In 2018, she was selected as an Erin J. Vuley Fellow of Feminist Women’s Health Center, for the untiring battle of #ReproductiveJustice. In 2019, Winn made her stance as the Community Change Women’s Leadership Fellow, becoming a classic example of what it feels like when #WomenOfColorLead, and later in the same year, she become a Soros Social Justice Fellow with Open Society Foundation. Undoubtedly, Pamela Winn, serves as the beacon of hope for millions of marginalized women, women of color, and incarcerated pregnant ladies all across the nation. While Winn remains in the leadership, the belief about the possibility of ‘change’ seems accomplishable.

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