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Motivation – The Key to Success



Motivation is the engine that drives you to make a change to improve your life. The definition of motivation comes from the Latin word “motivus” which means movement. It comes when you know exactly what you want to do and have an insatiable and ardent desire to do what is necessary to achieve it. Personal motivation helps you start a journey in search of your dreams, and is the driving force that allows you to stay on the road when things get difficult. Here are 5 tips to help you boost your personal motivation:

1. Create a vision. Make a viewing board or “vision board”, and fill it with images of the goals you want. For example, paste a picture of a car that you want to own, the house you want to live in, the area where you want to live, the clothes you want to buy, images of places you want to go to, trophies, first-class travel tickets, restaurants that you want to visit frequently and all those activities that make your pulse accelerate: put them all on the vision board so they keep reminding you of your goals.

2. Get out of your comfort zone. If you want a change to elevate the quality of your life, you have to keep rooting for better instead of being solely satisfied with what you have. Having an indifferent attitude toward change is a mistake because that will not give you the motivation to achieve the things you really want in life. The following questions will likely generate negative emotions, but that’s okay! A lot of people need to feel the pain to move and get out of their comfort zone:

  • Why do I need to change now?
  • What will happen in my life if I do not take action?
  • What am I fed up with?
  • Would I like to continue doing what I do now for the rest of my life?
  • Have I already managed to create a fascinating life?
  • Am I tired of doing the same things week after week and having the same mediocre results?
  • Am I satisfied with the results I have now?

After shaking your emotions with the answers to these questions, you will generate an intense emotional state that will help you take the next step you need to go ahead in life.

3. Appreciate the value of time. Time is one of the most valuable resources you have, and it is also a non-renewable resource. You can use it wisely or waste it. If you want to create a real and profound change in your life, you will have to invest a lot of time for wonderful things to start happening.

Start eliminating activities that make you waste your time such as watching television, reading newspapers, watching news, spending weekends in shopping centers, going to irrelevant parties to maintain a social life outside of your social circle, spending time with the endless line of family members and friends that do not add any value to your life or help you achieve what you want in any way.

Remember this: “You have a limited amount of time here on Earth and you do not know how long the loan will last. Take the time wisely and use it to become the best version of yourself.”

4. Do not settle. Are you clear about the purpose and meaning of your life? Or do you follow the world like a sheep? Are you doing the same activities that everyone else does and feeling the same levels of mediocrity? Or, are you really being outstanding in what you do to achieve your goals?

If you want to be a leader, you must be a gladiator who has the courage to live his life on his own terms to make his dreams come true. What this really means is that you have to act more like a tiger than a sheep and leap for your goals than to wait for someone to help you out.

To be a true tiger, you need to develop various skills such as emotional intelligence and personal leadership. These tools will help you remain motivated whenever you need it. They will also allow you to manage emotions better and develop the ability to influence other people positively.

5. Free yourself from fear: Fear is the dark force that is determined to stop you from getting on your way to achieving your results. You always have two options: let fear motivate you to move or let that destructive force and cruel charlatan trample your dreams and steal your happiness.

Imagine this overwhelming thought in your last days of life: “I did not do the things I wanted because I was too scared to live.” By then, it may be too late to overcome fear. Do not let it ruin your life and start taking action NOW! Start facing your fears, and you will begin to overcome them in no time.

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