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Martial Scientist, David Adiv Reveals Tips to Escape Life-Threatening Circumstances

David Adiv is a driving Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor and Co-Founder of the prime RDGA Association (Gracie Humaita association) and the Gracie New Jersey Academy.



martial scientist david adiv reveals tips to escape life threatening circumstances

Life is unpredictable, and people are confronted with increased crimes daily. Each day in the US, even the high-tech secured urban areas become defenseless to criminals. Since the local police cannot protect you 24/7, there is a need to learn self-defense moves if you yearn to safeguard your family from any unfortunate times or street crime.

The Renowned Martial Scientist with 6th Degree Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, David Adiv, stresses that people must learn the basics of the ground game and master the skills of grappling in order to protect themselves in hostile situations.

David Adiv is a driving Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor and Co-Founder of the prime RDGA Association (Gracie Humaita association) and the Gracie New Jersey Academy. He emphasizes that even though the grappling technique is a fundamental step to learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu; it is not everything. “Along with the grappling, you need to be mindful about the striking ranges, basics of weaponry and defense against weapons,” he says.

He further expressed that in sudden life-threatening circumstances, as in the case of burglary, people often undergo a mind fog that stirs their reasoning to take a relevant response in defense. “The chief aspect of self-defense strategies also involves practicing a present mindset in such circumstances, be situationally aware and learn to do psychological confrontation of the moment. Do not let the abrupt shock take a toll on your capacity to think straight, as this can make you more vulnerable in front of the attacker,” says David Adiv.

In addition to this, comprehending the science behind the grappling range gives you an edge to avoid the immediate attack, which can be pretty dangerous. The key here is to clinch with your opponent and diminish the distance with you and them to not let them take hold of the striking range. “Clinching too is a form of grappling,” says David Adiv. “Once you master this form of grappling, you can knock out the criminal even when you have the least energy to fight back or when you experience fatigue or mental blowout,” he adds.

David Adiv further expressed that the trick to close the distance is practically effective against a bigger, more powerful opponent, against whom you thought you could never stand a chance. “Honestly, the stronger the fighter is, the more he will lose his mind when the distance is closed for he cannot figure out what move to make and how to attack with no space,” he says.

The second tip is to bring the game to the grounds, utilizing grappling. “People often think that you just need to hold the opponent and that’s it, you did perfect self-defense. This mindset is wrong; grappling ends up futile if you do not bring your opponent down to the ground, where he is no longer in a position to attack. In fact, this is what is the aim behind mastering the art of grappling, no just to get hold of your foes,” says David Adiv. However, the similar can happen to you as well, where your attacker grapples you and pushes you to the ground, and the tables can turn in an instantaneous second. “Be ready for this to occur, for it certainly will happen. And, when this happens, just give him your legs right in the next moment, without even delaying for a nanosecond. You may be tempted to stand up as instinct, but the best bet is to kick him right away before he could sit on you, and that’s how you just gained the power again,” says David Adiv.

If you end up being mounted by the burglar where he sits on your chest and rains punches after punches on you, the worse you can do is turn on your back and give him a chance to choke your neck. “The attacker on top has even the odds in his favor, with gravity and mechanical advantage. The trick here is to disrupt his gravitational balance,” says David Adiv. To do this, all you need to do is block one side of his body, be it the right or the left, making his weight unstable; this one shuffle can save your bacon when you are trapped in the most dangerous scenario.

The trick to master all these tips is to become instinctive. This implies that you practice these foolproof techniques to make it your intuition so that even when you cannot think straight while confronting an unexpected attack, self-defense comes naturally to you. “Training your mind regularly is another crucial step to learn the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu self-defense mechanism,” says David Adiv. Therefore, no matter how much pro you become in self-defense, all this training and techniques would go down the drain unless you are in the right mind. Be mindful and practice meditation, which is a perfect tactic to train your mind alongside learning self-defense tactics, as you create perfect coordination between your mind and body.

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