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Make the most of your weekends



Make the most of your weekends

Fridays are nothing less than a blessing for us. The feeling of not being at work keeps us pumped with energy throughout the day. The whole day passes as we plan out the weekend, planning a get-together or having a party or anything that can make us feel disconnected from life and completely forget its harsh realities until Monday.

While there is nothing wrong with such a lifestyle, successful people do not see weekends as a time to get away from the realities of life, instead of as an opportunity to cash in – an additional bit of time to streamline work while managing the personal and social life. They feel that the weekend is a time when they need to recharge their mental batteries and strengthen their mental capacities to face the challenges for the coming week with new energy. The difference between successful people and people who just follow the norms is just this, the former category realizes the need for a calm and composed mind, and they know that escaping is no solution.

Why is it that some people hate Mondays while others are on the top of their game, ready to face the challenges that come their way? The difference is in the mindset. While the former group of people does activities to forget their reality and enjoy the weekend, they are still not pleased to go to work on a Monday. The latter other group, however, has an entirely different perspective. Rather than avoiding the circumstances, they strengthen themselves so that they are better equipped to face the coming week. They look forward to Monday with a rejuvenated self so they can get back on track to achieve their dreams. This keeps them happy and content and allows them to sail through the competitive and stressful situations with ease.

Productivity is demanded of a person throughout the week. Whether you own a business or you have a job, productivity is required. Weekend in is a time where you can be productive in an individual capacity. Personal growth is essential for success in life at any point. If you are in the category of people who take avoidance as the path to get through the weekend then here are a few tips which can help you come in the category of successful people.

  1. Spend time in nature: A fast and competitive life has left us with monotonous schedules. We barely find time to do anything outside of that schedule. Connecting with nature leaves us feeling fresh and energetic. Research has shown that spending time in nature releases endorphins in our body leaving us happier. So, maybe this time you should consider planning a trip to a beach rather than a bar.
  2. Meditate: Meditation is one thing that allows one to strengthen one’s mental stamina. Throughout the week, our mind receives uncontrollable amounts of information. This does not allow your mind to relax. Constant function drains the mind. When we meditate, we are training our minds to relax and calm down. Calming the minds allows you to go through stressful situations smoothly. There are numerous videos available on YouTube which can teach you how to meditate.
  3. Self-care: Self-care is important to feel good about oneself. As the situations get stressful, the first thing to be done is to strengthen ourselves to face the challenges without losing our smiles. What happens though, is the opposite. Instead of looking after ourselves, we neglect ourselves the most, which eventually results in mental exhaustion. This weekend you should consider planning to make yourself feel good even if it is done by something as small as lighting scented candles in your room.
  4. Plan your week: most of the time, we fail to embrace our challenges because we do not plan our tasks, and everything comes to us as a surprise. If we plan the tasks ahead, we can be better prepared to face whatever comes our way, and it will allow us to maintain our calm throughout the week.

You spend the whole week for someone else, at least weekend must be dedicated for personal growth, leisure, and relaxation. Shouldn’t it?

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