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Leadership Traits in a Competitive Business Market

As a renowned French-American entrepreneur and inventor, Fredric Scheer is one of the few business leaders around the world who has worked on establishing several ventures and has achieved success in each one.



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As the competitive business world continues to grow over time, businesses are now in dire need of exceptional leaders that can help to promote their companies more effectively and pave the way to success.

However, finding a good leader for the job is not the easiest thing to do because there is a necessity for leaders to have multiple traits and skills in order to be rendered as an influential global business leader.

You must be wondering what these skills are and how you can learn to make use of them for your own business needs? Fortunately, we have gathered a few common abilities we have witnessed in many professional leaders around the world, and we will be sharing them with you to help you take the first step in becoming the best leader we have yet to see.


One of the things that most organizations often struggle with is having a leader who is not good at detecting potential threats or opportunities that come towards their business.

On the other hand, strategic leaders are more vigilant and are always honing their abilities to anticipate any occurrences that might happen as they scan their working environment for any signs of change.

To help improve your perspective radar, you need to expand your resources both internally and externally from your business. Consider engaging with your target audience, partners and competitors – ask their perspective and become more alert to possible opportunities that these engagements can bring you.

Ready For a Challenge

Leaders never stick to the old ways. If anything, they are constantly asking questions, wanting to challenge the status quo, and coming up with their own innovative methods that can bring success to their business.

They are known to encourage different points of view and challenge each one, including their own. They take their time to carefully reflect and examine a problem through several lenses and then take on a decisive action. And for that, one needs to be patient, courageous, and keep an open mind to all the possibilities that can boost your company’s progress.

Of course, these aspects only scratch the surface of what it takes to be a leader. But if you still feel lost on how to move on from there, consider looking at the lives of existing business leaders around you, like Fredric Scheer.

As a renowned French-American entrepreneur and inventor, Fredric Scheer is one of the few business leaders around the world who has worked on establishing several ventures and has achieved success in each one.

After having a successful career as a banker in Europe, Scheer moved to the US and became the youngest CFO of an NYSE company, The Cannon Group. He took part in the chemical industry and alternative technology for over 25 years. He also had the opportunity to become the co-CEO and founder of Interpart SA and the co-CEO of the Cannon Group, where he financed more than 40 films.

Over the years, he has founded several companies on his own such as Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), a science-driven organization that promoted the production, use, and appropriate end of life for materials and products designed to biodegrade in specific biologically active environments. He went on to create his first venture in Biodegradable Biocorp, Inc. that culminate with changing the Sydney 2000 Olympics and making them the Greenest Game ever. He supplied all biodegradable and compostable utensils and bags that after the game was composted and served as fertilizer in all public parks in Sydney.

He went on creating from his kitchen Cereplast Inc, a company that he brought to NASDAQ that eventually ended up being purchased by a Korean conglomerate. Moreover, he has also been creating projects that stimulate economic activities that generate local and regional employment directly and indirectly, through a private foundation: the Scheer Foundation where he supports orphanages in 5 countries in Africa. The organization supports the most vulnerable, and No Kid Hungry, an establishment that ensures that children in the US are never deprived of food facilities under their care. As a true entrepreneur and visionary, we will see what his new venture Alercell will bring.

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