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Leadership in the Future



Leadership in the Future

The leader is an inspiring being, he or she is a magnet that attracts you and takes you to that specific point where you want to be. To achieve this, every leader faces the challenge of giving their very best and showing that you are someone, wise, strong, humble, realistic and persuasive.

When the candidate finds his purpose, he knows the cause for which he is here, for which he wants to govern, he has sown for a long time, and he knows who determines what he wants to be: that he is himself and shows himself with an attractive profile. So it all starts to make sense in leadership.

These five attributes are enough to forge a leader and help him on his way to power. However, it is not always essential to unite these five characteristics to win a specific process. There are cases of candidates who, not having these attributes, or even having them in the negative, have reached the exercise of power. Why is it possible? Because, as indicated at the beginning, it is assumed that leaders can be made.

Precisely, on this path of creating leadership, society faces new challenges that will lead to the creation of a new profile. The world is constantly changing and you have to change the way you think about it. The changes are there, but they are not yet internalized, so it is not possible to foresee them. At this point in particular, you are drifting, without radar or mapping, or perhaps with a new mapping, so new that you are not yet able to decipher your readings. However, the changes are as real as ourselves and, whether we like it or not, we are part of them. This leads us, inexorably, to the need to rewrite everything, to think and design a new language that adapts to the new circumstances that constantly emerge.

In this panorama of permanent change, neither traditional methods nor traditional leaders are useful. Without a doubt, they will continue to exist as long as there are no alternatives, but there will be. A new generation of politicians will arrive capable of identifying and adapting to these new spaces. In this sense, the leader of the future will be the one who understands that new language that is being created and the communication platforms that are already created. He will be able to use, and even create a new language, with new concepts, because the existing ones no longer serve, they no longer fill people’s senses.

These politicians of tomorrow are in the making and will make up the third generation of politics. They will be world leaders because, unlike the most traditional leaders, they understand on a cellular level how societies are made up, where people concentrate at all times, they go there in multiple ways, to speak to them, and also, they do it in a code that they understand to perfection. They are able to communicate and click on the receiver.

This will be one more factor leading to the breakdown in the ‘political class’ as it is currently conceived. The political strategist must take into account all these characteristics and understand the leadership that today’s society demands. Only he who understands these aspects can become the alternative that citizens demand. They will listen and speak in these new codes. They will understand and seduce the citizenry, exercising a kind of leadership hitherto unknown.

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