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Law of Attraction Might Not Be Real but You Can Still Take Away Some Lessons from It




Ever since Rhonda Byrne came out with her book The Secret, numerous attempts have been made to postmortem the entire conception to see whether it works or not. It was a book that instilled hope in a lot of people that they will be able to get what they want. It highlighted Rhonda’s own story from when she had suffered numerous losses and was on the verge of losing everything she ever had. It goes on to talk about how she was able to get her life back together by believing that she will, and now she is on the peak of where her life is supposed to be. She featured several scholars who echoed her message, and this entire phenomenon was introduced in book and film forms.

The media went into a frenzy when The Secret was introduced, the book was prodded time and time again by skeptics and the believers to find a concrete answer. A lot of people jumped on the bandwagon and the others got off when they discovered that it is not “working”. They called it a sham, a money making scheme that was up to no good, giving people false hope for nothing.

The trick is to actually understand what the fundamentals of the concept are. The funny thing about the law of attraction is that it is complex yet simple. What Rhonda tells us in the books is that if we want to get something we will need to develop positive vibes towards it. This means that when we set our minds to do something we will have to think to ourselves that it IS going to work. Because if we do not there is a good chance that it might just backfire. Now, a lot of people went on to assume that Rhonda here is talking about this mysterious force in the universe like a God, who will see you praying and will grant you what you want. Of course, this got the atheists and agnostics all riled up, clutching facts and figures in their hands they raided the internet with their opinions of how bogus this entire situation is.

But, in fact, what we all refused to see was the common sense that actually lied behind it all. What Rhonda is actually trying to tell us that when you start a task or a process and imagine that you WILL be able to achieve the end result that you want so badly, when you go in with such a mindset your brain automatically rewires itself to put in its full potential in what you are setting out to achieve. If you think that there is absolutely no way to achieve what you want to achieve, even the smallest efforts you make will be futile. This is pretty logical, considering that when we think that we can’t do something, we either convince ourselves not to take the steps at all or we just do them half-heartedly, and usually, we are not able to achieve what we want.

The other thing is that there are still parts of our brain that we have not fully discovered yet, there are still forces in the universe we might not have discovered either. There are phenomena like the black hole that still has not been completely solved as yet. So it is best that you do not stop believing that the vibes which send out to the universe will be returned in kind.

The trick is to tune out the naysayers and keep on believing, it won’t cost you anything.

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