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The Key Steps to Achieve Digital Success

If you want digital success and wish to increase user acceptance by a significant margin, you need to focus on taking a multi-pronged approach to handle your business.



Key Steps to Achieve Digital Success
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At the present time, it is increasingly important to take digital aspects into account in our strategies. It already had been, but, even more, accentuated by the rise of teleworking, of digital businesses driven by the situation brought on by the pandemic caused by Covid-19. Many companies have responded to this moment by adapting to digital models that they can help save complex situations today, even becoming an opportunity for many organizations that had not yet developed this fundamental aspect.

However, when we start a digital business model, we should not leave success to improvisation, though there are some tips to follow that will help us do things better and, therefore, also achieve better results.

If you want digital success and wish to increase user acceptance by a significant margin, you need to focus on taking a multi-pronged approach to handle your business. It requires you to adopt a very long-term approach that focuses on numerous factors, including but not limited to, the nature of your business, and the type of model you employ.

There are a number of different things that you can do if you are interested in improving your user acceptance and increasing digital transformation, here are a few things that you should know.

Planning and Resources For Digital Success

Without planning, there are no results. It is mandatory to define and work on a strategy that allows us to focus actions and avoid improvisation. Among the planning actions, it will be especially useful to define the buyer persona, know and define my target audience. Knowing who I focus my product on in this channel will allow us to create appropriate content that allows us to approach that audience in a coherent and effective way. We must not ignore the importance of setting objectives – KPIs, defining a very clear strategy with tools and actions, allocating the necessary resources to these actions (or adapting them to the available resources.

In short, design the digital marketing plan for my product, which will allow us to be clear about what we have to do, establish in times, objectives and measure the results. If we do not define where we want to go, when and with what actions we will do it, little will differentiate us from improvisation that can take us anywhere.

The Web – A Showcase to the world

Our website allows us to reach out to others, to reach that target audience that we have defined.

Few companies now doubt the effectiveness and importance of having their own corporate portals and, even, many of them base their digital business in this space that can be complemented with e-commerce.

The pages have gone from being a purely corporate place to focusing more on inbound marketing that allows us to attract through useful and interesting content for our audience.

The Value of Analytics

If we do not measure results, we will not know what is happening or how to improve it. Fortunately, the digital universe allows us to obtain a large number of metrics that, through data analysis, facilitate us to obtain knowledge of what is happening and how. Managing or obtaining information helps us to improve. We must, therefore, become familiar with these types of terms and know how to extract sufficient knowledge from them, with the proper interpretation of the metrics to discover how to improve our results and convert more. Everything can be measured.

SEM vs SEO, What do I Choose?

In this aspect, we must take into account different aspects in which we can put our resources. From paid advertising to keyword and content optimization. We will have to see how we are going to work this and why we bet.

Some keys to position our content well can come from actions such as registering in Google Search Console, using Keywords or keywords, link building, choosing the appropriate domain, using secure sites (HTTPS), use of social networks (social media ), having a good web structure and an adequate loading speed, good tagging of photos and alternative texts (alt), video content and, above all, generate original, quality and updated content that add value to our target audience.

Online reputation and Google my business

It is important to register the business in Google My Business because it positions on the maps and also has evaluations that can allow us to access a larger audience and generate more trust. Being critical, in this regard, correctly manage the comments that people make on the internet about our business or product.

Social network

Once we have defined the strategy, it will help us to know the most appropriate channels to reach our audience, as well as the optimal content and formats for this. In this case, we also have metrics that can help us.

We must always bet on content that adds value in saturated information channels in which we must be creative and differentiate ourselves to achieve results.

Knowing how to manage interactions and comments well is also critical because we can have problems in these channels that harm our brand.

Email Marketing, Spam or Resource?

Email marketing has proven to be a very effective tool but we must know how to use it since misuse of it can be on the verge of spam.

To use it well and have results, we must work with a well-developed contact list through all points of contact with our public, verified and with the consent of the user. Having a clear privacy policy will generate trust, as well as easily offer that the user if they wish, can modify their data or easily unsubscribe from our database. For this, we will follow very responsibly what is marked by the LOPD, and, once again, we must add value with our communications so that the user does not consider us as spam or unwanted content.

Use of Ecommerce

On many occasions, it is interesting for companies to access direct sales on the internet, for this we currently have channels that can be used in a simpler and more affordable way, such as WordPress, Prestashop or Shopify.

User Experience

It is becoming more and more relevant, in many aspects, to work and analyze the user experience or customer experience. Seeing how the user interacts with our brand, establishing a good experience and taking maximum care of customer service makes the difference and many organizations already know this. It is a critical aspect if we want good results, differentiation and adds value to our clients.

360 Marketing

A little related to all of the above, all this will allow us to define our complete marketing strategy too, in our case, plan all the channels that we are going to use and that are aligned with each other.

We will therefore choose the communication mix that best suits our brand and we will not stop measuring it to improve it or modify it if necessary.

As the objectives, it is essential to think about the strategies to be carried out to meet the objectives, since they are a set of plans that are carried out to achieve the objectives set.

They are also necessary to start a digital business, as it is essential to have at least one digital marketing strategy.

Other important actions are web optimization, as well as SEO strategies, social media strategy, content marketing and social Ads or SEM campaigns.

Action Plan

Once the project has been defined, the market niche, the objectives and the strategies, it is necessary to implement the action plan, which implies specifying and materializing the actions that will allow the objectives to be met.

To do this, there is a simple alternative and that is to open an Excel sheet and add the time and incorporate the areas of action, in addition to defining actions by area, establishing a description, adding the start and end date and placing a person in charge and the status.


Finally, it is important to control and monitor all the parts and each one of the actions to measure the results and in this way determine if the business is profitable. To do this, you will have to choose the main KPIs to measure in order, in this way, to keep real control of the business.

Perhaps the greatest example of an entrepreneur who did amazing stuff in life is Jan Koum. He is the founder of WhatsApp, arguably the most popular instant messaging app in the world. Jan Koum took off on the digital platform and created WhatsApp. With a team of just under 13 people, WhatsApp was being used by millions of people.

Eventually, the platform was brought out by Facebook for a staggering $19 billion. It became one of the largest apps in the world, and Jan Koum is a billionaire. It’s a truly inspiring story that clearly shows the importance of taking a digital-first approach towards business and always persevering in the face of adversity and proceeding with their dream.

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