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Pianist Juan Sánchez Elucidates About the Healing Element of Music Nature Combined

Humans have been wired in a way that they are enchanted in the midst of nature; many look at nature as an escape for healing yourself and experiencing personal growth.



Juan Sánchez
Photo By Juan Sánchez

Humans have been wired in a way that they are enchanted in the midst of nature; many look at nature as an escape for healing yourself and experiencing personal growth. In fact, even when you glance at that scenery on your desktop’s screen, you cannot resist appreciating it, for it uplifts your mood. This truly is the grandeur of nature, and when blended with the music in a surreal video, you are definitely going to be left spellbound.

Music and nature are definitely a lethal-combo when it comes to stress-relievers, and together: their power doubles. Realizing this very fact, Juan Sánchez, a Barcelona-based pianist, and composer have started uploading mystic videos on his YouTube channel, combing the splendor of music and grandeur of scenery to take you on an invigorating journey that is sure to make you feel elevated. What makes these videos all more archetypal is the music that plays in the background. The maven pianist uses all his own distinct classical/ambient style; piano focused theme for the background track, that is breathtaking and sensational. We thought to ask the mind-blowing pianist and music composer, Juan Sánchez, what exactly makes music and nature so therapeutic.

Juan Sánchez reveals that humans admire nature and beautiful places because they provide sustenance for our lives. “Nature is something that gives us air that we breathe, food that we devour and shelter that gives us comfort. This evolutionary desire explains why humans find nature alluring, for it kindles enthusiasm in us, the enthusiasm to be the ‘fittest,’ for only the fittest survives,” he says. This awe-inspiring element of nature makes us go through the process of healing, helping us recoup out of our self-doubts and self-loath. 

With this attraction, viewing nature in images and videos shifts our sense of self, diminishing the boundaries we have built within ourselves, assisting us in discovering our true selves. “Images specifically the nature images, when included in the video, works to deepen our emotional response to music, that is the component of our visual language, a significant way to accept our own emotions, confronting it and emerging ourselves as a strong being,” he says. 

Juan Sánchez explains that pictures of the natural realm blended with music awaken the awe and gratitude of the mother nature and our planet, Earth. “This awakening is essentially vital for people to be mindful of their carbon footprints and to take care of the world, considering it a valuable place that calms our raging mind and soothes our negative emotions,” he says. 

Undoubtedly, it is significant to safeguard the place we live in and breathe in, and videos with music and nature together enable us to live in harmony in this world. “This harmony does not only mean harmony with the world we live in but also with the other living things that surrounds us, making us experience the wonder and exquisiteness of the fascinating nature. 

Being a piano enthusiast, who started taking piano lessons at the conservatoire when he was only 14, Juan Sánchez is a brilliant pianist who hits the keys right on-spot, making the strings of your heart vibrate along. When Sánchez’s music is blended with nature, the videos serve to be an escape from your busy life. In short, if you are desperately in need of your daily dose of motivation and spur, then five-minutes long videos by Juan Sánchez are just perfect for you while not straining your busy schedules. 

As highlighted by the study from the U.S. National Institute of Health, when looking at nature, whether images or real-deal, gives us a mental sense of being away from the monotonous urban settings, nourishing our brain to perform better. Juan Sánchez also shares that music is also used as a therapy for people suffering from mental health illnesses. Therefore, by combining the therapeutic element of music with the calming impact of nature, the positive influence of both on the human mind are surged up. 

Juan Sánchez has two albums under his belt, named “Rebirth’ and ‘Now The Silence.’ The artist has been indulged in crafting instrumental ambient electronic music since 1999. Since then, he has been creating music for multimedia, sound libraries, and music producers. Determined to create his own music compositions, Sánchez crafted his first piece, “Rebirth” in March 2019, which was produced entirely independently, inspired by the music he had been listening to a hybrid neo-classical/ambient piano composition. After discovering his hidden self via music, Juan Sánchez is now obstinate to make his listeners too, get onto the track of self-development, and, therefore, is currently working on creating outstanding videos fusing music and nature. 

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