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What is a Huge Titan? Rod Reiss Titan Size Explained Attack on Titan

Colossal Titan or the huge titan is not like the rest of the common titans. They are smart and every move they make is part of a strategy.



what is a huge titan rod reiss titan size explained aot scaled

Attack on Titan doesn’t exactly have a nice story. The youngest boys enlist in the Scouting Corps or the Military Police to face the attack of these monstrous giants, including giants like the huge titan. But very quickly they realize that the Colossal Titan or the huge titan is not like the rest of the common titans. They are smart and every move they make is part of a strategy. They are also taller and stronger as they have managed to break down the great walls built by King Karl Frizt. Everyone has different abilities, but who is the strongest Titan in the series?

In reality, many factors would have to be analyzed to consider one Titan stronger than another. For starters, these shifting Titans differ from Pure Titans primarily in their ability to revert to human form. But also its abilities are unique and can be transferred to another person only by devouring it with some exceptions. In contrast, while the more common Titans can roam for many years looking like this, people with the power of the shifting Titan only live for 13 years due to Ymir’s curse.


The Huge Titan, Taller And Stronger

With regular Titans out of the way, we focus on the Nine Titans from Attack on Titan. These are the successors of Ymir Fritz, the first Shifting Titan in India’s history. And the series introduces everyone bit by bit, from the Huge Titan to the Warhammer Titan. It is true that the Colossal Titan is the highest that has been seen since it measures 60 meters. In fact, the walls were built to prevent the Titans from entering, but the huge titan is even taller.

Therefore, the first attack on the wall Maria cannot be avoided. It also has another feature that allowed this surprise attack despite its size. Why didn’t anyone see it arrive? The Colossal Titan can expel large amounts of vapor through its body that consumes its muscles until it is left with a skeleton. This can be done immediately and disappear completely, which gives you a great advantage to flee. This is how he managed to infiltrate the walls as well as the Armored Titan. But his height and great strength cannot compete with other titans.

Why Is The Huge Titan And The Founding Titan The Strongest?

And that leads us to talk about the Beast Titan and the Founding Titan who have one thing in common. While other Titans only excel in hand-to-hand combat like the Attack Titan or the Armored Titan that has extremely tough skin, they can create their own Titans. There are several methods to turn humans into Titans. One of them is to introduce the Beast’s cerebrospinal fluid to anyone and then activate it with a scream. After this, these titans obey the orders of their creator, a power that is not present in any other wielder according to Colt Grice, heir to this power.

For his part, the Founding Titan has the power to create Titans and more importantly: he has absolute control over them. This is called Coordinate, though he can only activate it when he comes into direct contact with a royal-like Eren did with Dina Fritz. The young man came face to face with the smiling titan that devoured his mother. Faced with helplessness, he clashed his hand against Dina and unleashed the power of the Coordinate calling all the titans that were nearby to devour Dina. And he can even create the huge titan that, by hardening his body, turn into walls.

The power of the Founding Titan is the most unique of all because it can only be inherited by individuals with royal blood or the People of Ymir who come into contact with a person of royal blood. Another of his abilities that make him the strongest Titan is the manipulation of memories like Karl Fritz did. The king used the power of the Founder to erase the memory of his followers so that they would not know anything about the outside world.

And finally, the Founding Titan can change the genetic makeup of the People of Ymir as a king did according to Eldian mythology, which is different when compared with the huge titan. The purpose was to save its inhabitants from a pandemic by making them immune. This could be the key to preserving humanity from becoming Titans, although those who want to recover the Founding Titan have other purposes. Ultimately, there is reason enough to believe that the Founding Titan is the strongest of all because of his power to create, control Titans, and manipulate memories.

What Came Before

In the chapter titled ‘That Day’, in a reference to the second episode of the series ‘That Day: The Fall of Shinganshina’, the story of Eren’s father, Grisha Yeager, who lived in the days before the Attack of the Titans, finally revealing how the conflict between both such disparate species arose.

   During its three seasons, the series has been little clues about the origin of these monstrous beings, hinting that they could be humans mutated to extreme deformity, but a key piece was missing in the puzzle when introducing a race known as The People of Ymir.

   Being direct descendants of Ymir Fritz, the People of Ymir had the ability to become Titans. The story becomes confusing at this point, as there is the version that claims that the People of Ymir used their power to develop civilizations, while the opposite version labels them as destroyers and genociders.

   Be that as it may, these beings founded the Eldian nation thanks to the power of the Titan, and later began to conquer territories in the name of the Eldio Kingdom, including the nation of Marley. The conflict with the Marleyans lasted until the Great Titan War when they managed to gain control of some special Titans and claimed the lands that were theirs by right.

   When the war ended, King Fritz used the power of the huge titan to order an army of Colossi to build three great Walls that separated the territories still held by Eldian, named Maria, Rose, and Sheena.

   King Fritz used the power of the Founding Titan to erase the memory of the People of Ymir, thus creating the central myth of the series. That humanity lives within the walls because outside there is only one world ravaged by the Titans. Under threat of freeing the Colossus Titans if Marley attacked, the enemy nation decided not to try. However, he sent a group of soldiers, including Eren’s father, to try to gain control of the Founding Titan.

   With this massive reveal, the series has made it clear that Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the rest of the main characters of Attack on Titans have actually been living a lie, and that their minds are not even capable of conceiving the truth that lies beyond them. the walls.

   And beyond that he also further twists the Yeager family story by blaming the death of Eren’s mother on the attack on Shinganshina city was actually orchestrated by his own father, Grisha Yeager.

Attack on Titan is a physiological and mental state for which, it has ended up becoming one of the best anime that have portrayed with greater fidelity the frustration and the purest states of hatred and rage as human emotions.

Eren, the protagonist of Attack on Titan is a catalyst capable of embodying those emotions and with the Devilman Cry Baby syndrome: a character who vibrates with what he suffers and suffers, to translate every tear into a devastating blow.

Due to the low quality of the manga drawing and the author’s particular style, which, far from being precious, leaves a lot to be desired and is close to the style of others such as One in his original One Punch Man work that was later reinterpreted by Yusuke Murata. Since the Attack on Titan anime is also faithful, the vivid album that brings together all these moments, we will cut to the chase and bluntly: these are the best moments from Attack on Titan, the anime.

Specifically, a selection of everything that happened during the first two seasons, excluding the events of the manga and the third season still in broadcast, not only to avoid spoilers but also because we believe that all those moments will end up being transferred to the anime with an unprecedented quality that we will update this report.

World’s Most Heartbreaking Scream – All Of Eren’s Roars As Titan

And also the one who starts everything. An uncontrolled Eren, transformed for the first time into a huge Titan, cries out for entire humanity brought to the brink of extinction. The anger embodied and suffered by every human being who, far from succumbing to his own end, represents the triumph of brutal truth: we are not done yet, especially for one that turns into a huge titan.

eren roar

He does not repress anything, nor does he express anything with words. It simply thunders above any noise and mutes it, being able to captivate and frighten at the same time with heavy hearts those of us who still hear its echo. A moment that occurs each time Eren becomes a Titan and that, each time it happens, surrounds each and every one of our fibers taut with emotion with that vapor. Attack on Titan is every roar, and each one is better than the last.

The First Death Is Always The Most Painful

The death of Eren’s mother in Episode 1, is the dose of reality that Attack on Titan pours on each viewer and the protagonists with the following message: “Hey, this is not your world, and nobody is safe. ” Such a fragile and divine vision of what is capable of being destroyed in a single snap of the fingers. An unpleasant moment that not only reminds you that in Attack on Titan hardly anything is ever going to turn outright, but it is also pure rawness.

Carla Yeager
Carla Yeager – Devoured by The Smiling Titan
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