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How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop in 2021

If you are going to buy a gaming laptop, you might want to look for one that comes built-in with a powerful processor. Anything with an 11th Gen Intel processor is a wise idea.



How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop in 2021
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The commercial conception of a personal computer (PC) began in 1977 with the introduction of microcomputers. Machines oriented to individual use, unlike their predecessors that used a processor managed by a shared system.

Microprocessors were developed and thus new computers became more accessible, and everyone could have their own at home. These were sold as limited electronic kits.

From now on, these microcomputers evolved externally and internally. The storage capacity grew, the variety of sizes and models expanded, the processor power, duration, resolution, and also features and elements that complemented them were added.

Today, PCs or laptops (Laptops) are an infallible tool for what to do daily. It is no longer a luxury of a few, but as technology has advanced, we have required to go hand in hand with it.

Such is the case of the internet; one cannot be detached from the other. This has helped that every time we need to stay connected through our computers or other technological variants such as smartphones and tablets.

Essential in the 21st century? Yes, we use them for everything and anywhere. From school assignments, doing research, surfing the web and listening to music to editing videos, designing images and turning them into a portable office of your own.

For each type of person, there is a suitable computer model or at least one that fits their professional or daily needs. In this way, if you are a gamer, a designer, or you simply dedicate yourself to using the basic functions, for example, some elements will vary, of which you may require greater capacity or better quality and performance.

What aspects should we take into account to choose an ideal gaming laptop?

Taking into account basic features and ignoring the fact that each model of a laptop has a price, and the buyer has to pay for the one that fits his pocket. It is worth thinking about these general factors that we bring next so that you can define what gaming laptop is best for you, according to the use that you are going to give it.

1. Processor:

It is the heart and/or brain of your computer and is in charge of doing all the calculations to perform an action. Among its functions is the execution of applications, management of the operating system and coordination of the different devices that make up the team.

Both the speed at which it works and its limits to be able to execute actions depend on its capabilities.

Currently, there are 8-core processors, but a quad-core one is sufficient for normal use, without problems. If you are going to buy a gaming laptop, you might want to look for one that comes built-in with a powerful processor. Anything with an 11th Gen Intel processor is a wise idea.

However, a core i5 might not be suitable enough if you want to run those high-end games. AMD Ryzen is also an excellent choice, especially their 5000 series. If you want to go up, they also have the Ryzen 6000 series, which is an absolute bomb but hasn’t been included in a gaming laptop as yet.

2. RAM Memory:

It is the place where the data, programs and applications of your computer are stored, the main storage unit. It runs these programs and indicates how many it can handle at the same time.

The more RAM, the more programs you can use. For normal use, it is recommended to reach 4 GB. If you require more space because you must install editing programs or games with a lot of weight, there are memories with greater capacity.

However, when it comes to buying a gaming laptop, you will want to take it all the way to the top. Ideally, 16 GB RAM or 32 GB RAM is suitable for running those heavy games. The textures and shaders that are deployed in modern games play an important role in the graphical fidelity, and these games consume RAM like no tomorrow.

You need good RAM in order to make your gaming laptop tick. Considering the fact that most gaming laptops allow you to increase the RAM later on as well, you might want to check whether this thing can be customized or not before you decide to buy.

For instance, many gaming laptops have soldered on RAM, so you can’t remove it or add an extra slot.

3. Hard Disk:

It is the space dedicated to storage. Like RAM, the higher the GB amount, the greater the capacity you will have to save your files. As it should be emphasized, it all depends on how you use it and what you are going to archive. 300 or 500 GB may be enough, but if you love to download music, take photos and record videos in bulk, at some point you will require more space.

An alternative to this is the use of external hard drives. The best? Purchase a 500 GB or 1 TB one. You can add an external SSD, though you might want to go with a laptop that at least has 1 TB storage. Also, it’s best to go with an SSD since that is going to improve loading times dramatically.

Mechanical HDDs are fast going out of fashion with more and more people opting for SSDs thanks to their faster loading times.

4. Screen:

Obvious, where everything you do with your computer is displayed. For normal use, a screen between 15 and 17 inches is fine. In the case of laptops, material and size are important, because they influence the power and performance of the machine, since the greater the extent, the better the dissipation of heat.

Ideally, you should go for a gaming laptop that has a 4K display built into it. Make sure you buy one with at least a 15.6” display, since portability might not be your primary concern. Also, 17” gaming laptops are quite popular, so you may want to look into those as well.

6. Graphics Card:

It is responsible for everything that is seen on the screen, be it games, videos or the interface itself. The higher the resolution, the larger the card should be. This point is of special importance for gamers since it is extremely useful for those video games that require more resources. For fans of videos and photos, a mid-range one works well.

The Nvidia GTX series is the standard in the market right now, and it’s definitely something that you should consider. The GTX 1660 Ti was a decent graphics card, though a number of companies have also introduced RTX 2060 in their machines. It’s recommended that you check a few reviews to find out which graphics card would be suitable.

A laptop with a decent graphics card shall run you upwards of $2,000, so keep your budget flexible.

7. Connections:

There is not much to comment on. It is essential that the equipment to be purchased contains several inputs to USB ports, HDMI, memory card reader. It could also include Bluetooth and of course, WiFi. Accessories such as the camera and microphone are also important.

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