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How Can Technopreneurs Boost Sales On CyberMonday And BlackFridays Using Twitter



Ready or not ready, the biggest shopping weekend of the year is coming soon. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday kick off the holiday season. They also represent a significant percentage of the total sales of many traders. Each year, Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are a major challenge for businesses, especially e-merchants. The significance of these days cannot and is not supposed to be undermined. According to sources and data, retailers can generate up to 30% of their annual revenue in November and December. According to the World Economic Forum, French traders earned more than 5 billion euros last year at Cyber Monday.

One online medium to use if you are looking to attract potential customers is Twitter. While on the surface, it might seem like a news forum where you can check out what is trending and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings; Twitter is a great way to gain sales for businesses that operate online. Many startups and businesses have acquired sizeable percentages of their sales from Twitter. On the contrary, many businesses and startups struggle to achieve online presence due to which they are unable to reap profits even in times where people are ready to buy whatever they can get their hands-on. Even if the new ones have some forms of online presence on Twitter, they do not utilize the platform efficiently enough to generate sales.

The significance of BlackFriday and CyberMonday is crucial, and it is essential for the e-merchants to strategize now before it gets too late. If you are not ready, then you are bound to miss out on the opportunity. You have to be ready and prepared at all times. It means monitoring competition, advertising campaigns, communications, and, most importantly, gathering information about who your customers are: where they are and what they are looking for. This will allow you to understand better the needs of these people you are targeting and then cater them accordingly. Staying active is a must if you aim to generate sales through Twitter in the upcoming shopping season. Follow the trends, develop a presence; remember, a dead profile is what will repel your potential clients the most. Whether you have a store or you have an online business, you gain a boost in sales by attracting potential customers to your websites or stores, or whatever you Point of Sales is, Twitter can be a great medium to gain sales.

So, how can you use Twitter to generate sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Review your profile and Make Necessary Changes

If you have not looked at your Twitter profile for a while, now is the time to update it. Update your biography, photos, and links. These must refer to your promotions, opening hours, and hashtags specific to these days. Do not forget to pin a Tweet with the essential information of the moment at the top of your profile. Remember, retaining attention is important for you to gain sales; if your profile is dead, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to attract a client from this platform.

Using the right hashtags is the key

Your customers will use hashtags such as #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday to find the best deals. So be sure to use them. Of course, they must be present on the actual days but do not forget that buyers plan to go shopping several weeks in advance. If you have planned an important promotion, it is therefore never too early to start making it known. The prior a customer knows about your deals and discounts, the easier it would become for them to make a decision.   

Twitter-specific offers are a sure way to generate sales

One surefire way to engage Twitter is to publish content that your customers will not find anywhere else. In this case, talk about sales. In the weeks leading up to Black Friday and CyberMonday, boost interest by offering exclusive discounts and promotions on Twitter. Users have a reason to follow your account and read your Tweets.

Use Twitter to cater to your customers

If there is a problem with one of your products or stores, Twitter is where customers will share information. If you’re not already using Twitter for customer service, make sure someone in charge of the customer experience is working with your social media marketing team. They will be able to follow your mentions and the hashtags of your mark, which will allow you to react quickly to questions and complaints. If people see that you are responding well to the customers, you will surely get high ranks amongst the users.

Paying for great content is an investment, not an expense

While it is always advisable to use high-quality images and well-written Tweets, this is the time of year when your publications should really stand out if you want to stand out. Make sure you have the necessary advertising budget for the wide dissemination of your work. You’ve created content year-round, and you should now have data that shows what your audience wants to see. These holidays are an opportunity to exploit this data.

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