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Guidelines for Entrepreneurs to Follow When they Feel Demotivated

If you are an entrepreneur who seems to be facing a loss of motivation to follow the road, then here are a few guidelines for you to get back on track



Guidelines for entrepreneurs to follow

No job is better than being your own boss. But running your own business can be exhausting in the long run. The amount of focus and energy a nascent business demands can cause a person to drain and feel exhausted. As an entrepreneur, you make decisions all day, juggling many roles to maintain your business (manager, accountant, salesperson, marketer, designer, cleaning agent, receptionist, and everything else). Most of these roles often have nothing to do with your true passion and are far from the reason you thought about starting your own business in the first place. Yet, the path of entrepreneurship does not allow you to make excuses and expects you to get the tasks done under any circumstances. This can cause weariness in you, and as an entrepreneur, it is essential for you to manage your stress levels when faced with such stressful situations; otherwise, the result would be a decreased efficiency. 

If you are an entrepreneur who seems to be facing a loss of motivation to follow the road, then here are a few guidelines for you to get back on track and perform better than ever.

You cannot do everything on your own

The power of the delegation is wonderful. One of the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur is that it is hard for you to trust others, and it is not an uncommon sight that most entrepreneurs feel that whatever the task is, nobody can perform it better than them. How many times have you painstakingly watched your screen trying to understand an accounting spreadsheet or solving such a tedious administrative problem?

We cannot be good at everything, no matter how hard we try, so we have to delegate tasks that we do not control so we can focus on the things we like to do and can channelize our energies at what we do the best.

Eventually, when you spend more time doing what you do, the best that will surely boost your motivation as an entrepreneur. 

Stay in the company of those who have achieved what you aim to

As you grow your business, it’s essential to socialize not only with prospects but also with mentors and experienced entrepreneurs. Even if you think you do not have a minute to devote to your network, try to spend some time there anyway. There is nothing more motivating than meeting other entrepreneurs who have successfully reached the destination where you are trying to be. They know what you are going through. They will be able to see your situation from a different perspective, and they will be able to guide you on your ideas and help you refine it. Always remember that even if you think that some people you meet do not have anything in common with you, you do not know what they know and what they can bring you. The networking allows you to build new relationships, but also to maintain your dynamism and motivation to undertake. Meeting other entrepreneurs nurtures enthusiasm and brings fresh ideas to experiment for your business.

Do not shy away from asking for help

If you feel discouraged, think of a talented entrepreneur who you know and invite him to a coffee. People are way more willing to help than we generally assume. One of the keys to motivating yourself as an entrepreneur is not to be alone with your issues, and to find support to solve them. Looking at the success stories of others can motivate you to rejuvenate your belief and certainly lead you to think that if they can, so can you. If you need it, take advantage of meeting an experienced entrepreneur and be bold enough to ask for their advice. Do not be afraid to take the first step, contact, and ask. The worst you can expect is being told “no,” but have entrepreneurs ever been afraid of taking a “no” for an answer? 

Break the routine

Performing tasks that are too repetitive and boring creates routine stress and can be fatal for a business project, resulting in an erosion of one’s mental, physical, and intellectual resources.

So here’s what you can do to break the routine and boost your motivation as an entrepreneur:

One freedom you can get while being an entrepreneur is to carry out the task you wish to do. It is a great practice to break the monotonous work cycle and carry out different tasks. Vary your tasks and expand your field of action.

Rearrange your workspace, 

Sometimes take a break in the middle of the week that is one liberty you can avail for being an entrepreneur.

Organize an outside meeting once a month, somewhere in the open, for example, a park or maybe by the lakeside. It will freshen up your mind as well as provide motivation for your team since they’d be breaking the cycle of a monotonous routine too.

Make yourself a priority

Managing your own business means that you are invested 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But invested and overworked are two very different concepts.

Remember, you must be in the best state possible, physically, emotionally, and mentally, for you to reach your full potential. Give yourself times to “unplug,” hang out with family and friends, go for walks, sign up for a gym, read or watch TV, or even better, take a vacation! This break will give your brain time to rest and re-calibrate so you can come back ready to run a successful business.

Here are some tips to motivate the entrepreneur who is in you:

  1. Identify what causes your discomfort, for example, poor eating habits, stress, lack of energy, etc. Ancient Indian yogis believed that your eating habits would have a significant impact on what your quality of life is. Eat healthily, participate in stress-reducing activities, maintain proper sleep schedules, and you’ll yourself performing better than ever.
  2. Spend some time on your well-being. Do you take enough time to play sports, read a book, enjoy a meal, or do something in your individual interests and no one else’s? 
  3. Ask yourself how you can incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. For example, could you get off the bus a few stops early to walk? Could you plan a walk in the country over the weekend? Whatever you feel can become a positive contribution to your health, do it. You will be amazed at seeing how much these activities can help you feel good in a few weeks.
  4. Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep for personal motivation. Follow sleep rituals, including stopping the TV, phone, and iPad before falling asleep. Keep your digitals aside at least an hour before you sleep, and you’ll be surprised how significantly your quality of sleep improves.
  5. Spoil yourself at least once a week: you’ve probably heard about tea-time, but do you know me-time? It could be a long relaxation in a bath with lavender or reading a book, without bothering you, without hurrying, without stress, a time spent to please you. Dedicate that time for yourself to rejuvenate, so you are at the top of your game when you go back to work mode.
  6. Work on your positivity: smile, compliment your colleagues and friends, have thoughts of gratitude for everything that works well in your life, and focus on them. Avoid friends and colleagues who are too negative and surround yourself with optimistic and ambitious people who want to make their dreams come true.

Choose your entrepreneurial passion wisely and maintain it with all your heart

Passion can be defined as a marked fondness for an activity that we love, that we find important and in which we invest time and energy. If you decide to start your own business and spend most of your time there, be sure to choose something you like.

In addition, the passion for entrepreneurship is maintained. It is this passion that gives us wings and animates us. A person who is passionate about his or her job does not count the hours devoted to a project. It may seem like a minute detail, but maintaining entrepreneurial motivation can mean the difference between a successful and a collapsing business. Often, what distinguishes a successful business from one that is not, is not better products or services. It’s not even a smarter marketing strategy or a bigger budget. It is the resilience and the will of the entrepreneur leading it.

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