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Global Black Industries – The Growth of Black-led Organizations

Global Black Industries is an organization that was created to help people of African descent. The organization wants to ensure that the terrible times that the Blacks had to endure in the world do not repeat.



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Black people have been underrepresented in different industries for far too long. Now, organizations like Global Black Industries are making a change and creating a positive environment to promote entrepreneurship and professional growth.

Global Black Industries was created on the principle of self-determination. The organization is focused on promoting black-led businesses. It not only ensures the success of the black community as a whole, but it also provides a platform for black business owners to share ideas and talk to others.

More importantly, the organization helps ensure that future generations continue to thrive in each aspect of their lives by creating an institution focused on growing and developing the black community as a whole.

What is Global Black Industries?

Global Black Industries is an organization that was created to help people of African descent. The organization wants to ensure that the terrible times that the Blacks had to endure in the world do not repeat. It also wants to provide positive opportunities to the people on how to grow their businesses.

The organization doesn’t just want to focus on growing black-led industries, but it wants to offer physical, mental, and spiritual assistance from a global perspective. The aim is to create a better environment for black-led industries to grow financially and in other respects.

For too long have black-led businesses been without a unified voice. With Global Black Industries’ growth, black-led organizations will help create a much stronger bond between members of the African community.

The organization wishes to be the vehicle of action for black people. It also plans to be the one-stop destination for African descent people no matter what industry they are in. It could be related to business, finance, education, or any other field whatsoever.

Global Black Industries’ focus shall lie on protecting its people, both in the present and the future. And, more importantly, this is the vision with which the community plans to grow.

Based in the USA right now, Global Black Industries aims to expand globally to become accessible to people from all over the world. The organization was conceptually formed in 2018. When the founder became aware of the problems faced by people of African descent in 2005, they worked on creating an organization that can help achieve their goals.

Current Projects

Global Black Industries is currently focused on creating their first product, which is known as Blk Cent$ Add Up. It is a gift card that can be accepted at most POS terminals, primarily where Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Whenever a gift card is purchased, a specific amount of money shall be kept aside to recirculate within the black community.

This money will go towards projects designed to improve the condition of black communities in impoverished parts of the world and assist them in improving their education and provide them with better opportunities.

Before black person shops, they should consider putting their money in the gift cards so that the “black dollars” remain within the community. This way, even if a person shops at stores that the Blacks do not own, they will know that the money they have spent shall remain within the community and shall help their community members.

The organization is working towards releasing this product as soon as possible.

Future Plans

Global Black Industries wants to partner with as many black entrepreneurs as possible to create a conducive environment that promotes businesses and creates a suitable platform through which will allow black businesses to thrive.

This way, when an aspiring business owner from the Black community wants to start their business, they will already have a treasure trove of information available to them. Not only will they be able to connect with other black owners, but they can also get tips and advice and get access to financial help from within their community. It is a fantastic community-led project that will only yield positive results in the long run for the Black community.

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