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First Look at the MacBook Pro 14″ and 16″

The new Apple laptops are geared primarily for content creators and developers. For a long time, graphic designers automatically revolved around Apple products.



First Look at the MacBook Pro 14" and 16"
Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

Apple’s new top-of-the-line laptop dazzles with its new 16-inch Retina display, brutal performance, and effective Magic Keyboard. Officially being released on October 26th, the new range of Apple MacBook Pro is likely to change the game considerably.

As it has become more than custom, Apple presented in a more than the discreet way its new star laptop, the MacBook Pro, with a 16-inch screen. A laptop designed for the most demanding and professional user who needs a high-performance computer, the MacBook Pro comes with a more powerful M1 Pro processor and the M1X variant.

A New Screen

The first thing that catches our attention is the decision to change the size of the screen, which goes from the 15 inches that had become almost a standard of the brand since the appearance of the first MacBook Pro to an interesting 16 inches. However, that is not the only remarkable feature of a computer advertised as the most powerful MacBook Pro ever created.

As we said, the first thing that will enter our eyes is that fantastic 16-inch Retina screen, the largest made with this technology. As usual in the apple company, a panel of the highest quality offers 500 nits of brightness, a P3 color gamut, and a resolution of 3072 x 1920 pixels with a density of 226 pixels per inch.

The perfect way to enjoy the latest version of Apple’s M1X processor with advanced series graphics that, together with the GDDR6 video memory and the possibility of an 8GB VRAM option, make this MacBook Pro the most powerful in this regard.

As in all updates to its computers, Apple has installed the latest processors, both of them the company’s proprietary silicon chips, offering speeds of up to 5.0 GHz (with Turbo Boost) and memory up to 64 GB and achieving up to 2.1x faster performance than 15-inch quad-core MacBook Pro. We also face the first Apple laptop that can be configured with up to 8TB of storage. Doubling SSD storage to 512GB and 1TB in standard configurations is also a wise move.

Another of the key features that define this 16-inch MacBook Pro is its new Magic Keyboard. A keyboard that features a redesigned scissor mechanism improves the typing experience thanks to its keys with a millimeter of travel. Apple certainly learned from its mistakes.

In addition to all this, we have a sound system with six speakers, a 100-watt battery with greater autonomy, Touch Bar, a Touch ID, a Force Touch trackpad, and an effective Apple T2 security chip.

Macbook Pro for Content Creators
Photo by Malte Helmhold on Unsplash

Ideal for Content Creators

The new Apple laptops are geared primarily for content creators and developers. For a long time, graphic designers automatically revolved around Apple products. This constituted a considerable amount of design software produced only for the macOS platform. But this has changed in the last ten years. Most of the software is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Because many companies with IT departments determine the operating system’s employees will use, it is more common for graphic designers to use Windows. Some designers use both.

Adobe products, in particular, work well on Windows or macOS. Adobe’s limiting factor is generally the specifications of the computer you use rather than the operating system. There is no reason to consider Mac the default choice for graphic design anymore.

Consolidated Mac users also frequently cite Mac usability as a plus. In most cases, the usability comes, however, from what you use it for. Many designers toggle between two platforms seamlessly.

Mac Advantages

However, some benefits come from using a Mac. A primary benefit is an ecosystem that Apple products create. If you already have an Apple product that you use for work, purchasing an Apple laptop or desktop to match your existing products may be the best option. It is an advantage to move around and access files without the inconvenience and regardless of the device.

There are also fewer viruses written for the macOS platform. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but since Macs represent a smaller slice of the market, hackers tend not to focus as much on them. MacBooks and iMacs can be particularly comfortable because they are built-in without buying a separate monitor.

The main advantage of PCs is that they are generally cheaper than Macs. After purchasing, the hardware can be replaced if it becomes unsuitable or outdated. PCs also come in many different configurations that can be customized.

Some Macs can be upgraded after purchase, but you can’t do a lot with them, as everything is set on a unified board. Therefore, the initial and maintenance cost of a PC is generally lower. This is because you can replace the parts without necessarily buying a completely new system every three to four years.

Ports – Or Lack Thereof

Most PCs have multiple points for connecting peripherals and many options for them. This is a bonus if you want to work on the keyboard or a drawing pad and other accessories.

There is more software created exclusively for Windows. Most of this software tends to be office software, but if the client uses it to communicate or monitor projects, it can be important. PCs tend to be more backward compatible. This means that they can run older versions of software and operating systems.

The most compelling reason to be on a particular platform is file compatibility with its clients. If you are delivering in OS-agnostic formats, your choice depends on your hardware and software requirements, what you are using it for, and your budget.

The first thing that you are going to realize as soon as you look at the new MacBook Pros is how beautiful it is aesthetically and how fast everything flows, whether it is starting to the desktop or running programs. We also find a great facility to eliminate any application without accessing any menu, such as Windows (Start / System / Applications and features / Program). If not, we directly open the folder where Applications is located, select the program and drag it to the trash can.

Another very striking advantage is that on Mac, it is rare to acquire an antivirus to protect our data because Apple takes great care of the security of its devices.

If you are interested in maximum stability and need a laptop that’s portable and easy to carry around, the MacBook 14″ hits the sweet spot in more ways than one. It’s an ideal machine for people who want reliability in a small and sleek frame.

Main disadvantages

Now, not everything is rosy, and Mac indeed has flaws that, for many, are decisive for not acquiring them.

I will start by talking about the price; indeed, Apple has never been characterized as a company that sells its products to anyone because its devices start from a fairly high price range, not affordable for any user.

Taking advantage of the fact that I have previously mentioned that one of its biggest disadvantages is its price, replacing its components should also be mentioned. If the product does not have a guarantee, we will find a problem and its hardware is expensive.

Therefore, we must bear in mind that when purchasing our Mac, we have to be sure because it is not a computer that we will improve over time. The MacBook Pro 14″ prices start from $1,999, and the prices for the MacBook Pro 16″ start from 16″.

Another important thing that you should know about these devices is the notch. The unique notch found in the company’s mobile devices has now made its way onto the MacBooks. This might divide a few people, with many interested in the notch and the increased real estate but others hating on it.

Finally, it should be said that in Mac, there are fewer development companies concerning Windows because Windows is a more widespread and used operating system, whose management programs are almost all based on MS-DOS, which makes Windows an option with greater alternatives in this aspect than Mac.

macOS, on the other hand, takes development very seriously. The company is very particular about how apps make it onto the device, and they are very careful about the closed ecosystem. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a MacBook Pro, especially the newer models, it’s always a wise idea to read about the operating system’s compatibility.

In the App Store, you can find many applications that aim to get you to remove all the cards from your wallet. In this sense, special interest must be taken in the design of these applications and also incompatibility.

Why Choose the MacBook Pro?

The Apple MacBook Pros and the newer operating system updates bring a more cohesive experience and offer a more secure product. Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing the MacBook Pros.

Design: any computing device must be attractive so that you enjoy using it when it’s in your hands. That is why you should look for a device that does not have an outdated design that can become a quite relevant problem. The good thing about the Apple MacBook Pros is that they have tweaked the design considerations to make it all the more interesting and stylish.

Compatibility: When you have a MacBook, you will expect it to do anything you want. That is why a little research should be done on everything before you decide to purchase a new MacBook. It should be noted that the Apple ecosystem is one of the most cohesive and diverse in the world, with the App Store carefully monitored for access and performance.

Privacy: Undoubtedly, it is a really important issue in any application where personal data such as bank cards or even identification will be entered. Apple is renowned for the privacy measures that the company adopts. They are known for offering high-end robust privacy options that are designed to maximize your usage.

Price: In many cases, you can find applications that are not free in the App Store. This is a factor that should always be considered since you have to prioritize those that are free of charge or that at least offer a trial version of the version before paying. This is important because you will already be paying a considerable amount of money for the Apple MacBook itself.

Reviews for the new MacBooks are expected to hit digital platforms very soon, especially as the devices are released on October 26th. As the world quickly comes to grips with the new MacBook design and people start using the devices, it’s likely to become more mainstream.

As always, when a new MacBook is released, the prices for the older models tend to decrease. The M1 MacBook Pro is also an excellent device in and of itself, though most people might not appreciate the Touch Bar anymore. It was one of the biggest concerns for many people, with serious outcry being raised by the developer community.

Today, if you are interested in getting a new MacBook, you have quite a few options available. There’s your standard MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which is an excellent device in itself. However, if you want the latest MacBook, it might be a wise idea to wait a bit for the device to hit the shelves. Once it’s readily available, you can easily get it from anywhere in the world. Right now, orders are generally only available from the Apple website, so you can easily file one from there!

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