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Feeling low? Here are life lessons by Elon Musk to help you sail through your rough patch easily

The life lessons of Elon Musk which can help you sail through your rough patch more easily and it will be good learning for you.



Here are life lessons by Elon Musk to help you sail through your rough patch easily

Whatever path you follow in your life, it is not uncommon to feel low. Everybody has to face the hardships and tough realities of life. That leaves you with a choice, either to make the most of the situation and grow or whine about it and end up being a loser. If there is one thing that life teaches us, it is that the winner is the person who decided to try one more time. Often we forget that grass only seems to be greener on the other side, whereas, in reality, everybody has to face a fair share of problems.

While feeling down in times of difficulty is natural, the situations bring a choice with itself; either quit and give up or stand up and fight back. If you are of a mindset that others are the reason why you are not successful, then good luck leading a life free of success and having the convenience of blaming others for your lackings. On the contrary, if you are someone who wants to be a winner in life but is going through an unfortunate rough patch, then here’s a source of motivation for you from one of the most famous globally renowned personalities, Elon Musk.

Elon Reeve Musk is a very talented and successful person. He most certainly put his name on the list of the greatest businessmen of his time. He was born on June 28, 1971, in South Africa. Elon Musk has a multi-faceted personality: he is an engineer, inventor, and investor. When he was twelve, he became interested in computer science and even sold the video game listing, Blastar, to PC and Office Technology for about five hundred dollars. His journey shows us that situations are never the same, and with hope and belief, you can turn situations in your favor. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at the age of twenty-four. Elon Musk began his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Stanford University but left the program two days later.

He left to try his luck in various fields such as the Internet, renewable energies, and the conquest of space.

The famous Elon Musk quote, “My proceeds from the PayPal acquisition were $180 million. I put $100 million in SpaceX, $70m in Tesla, and $10m in Solar City. I had to borrow money for rent.” shows us that life is hard for everyone, and it is after such tough times we get our best ones.

Today, he is the CEO of Tesla Motors; he is also the CEO and technical director of SpaceX and the president of Solar City. Perhaps his current career rewards the risks he has taken in his life previously. In any case, it can be a great source of inspiration for others. Here are some invaluable life lessons that can be learned from Elon Musk’s journey:

Do not rush

This is one important lesson we can learn from Elon Musk. For his companies, he made sure never to recruit staff hurriedly. It’s a process that needs to be given time, and that needs to be carefully put in place. Rushing to engage people right and left could cause problems within the and even cause severe losses. This is an advice that perfectly fits the life of any individual; many times, you find yourself making wrong choices because you were in such a rush that prevented you from thinking about the situation thoroughly. Make sure to sit back and analyze the situation before making any decision. A few minutes of thinking can save you from many losses in the future. Following this advice will make your journey of being a winner easier.

Do not be afraid of making tough choices.

Whether you consider this advice in terms of individuality or leadership, the importance of making hard decisions can never be undermined. People who grow are the ones who are brave enough to make hard life choices. You always need to have a bigger picture in mind. Sometimes you would have to make decisions that will not be appreciated by others; nonetheless, it is your responsibility to make the right choices no matter how hard they seem. That is what we can learn from Elon Musk, and that is what you should do if you want to be a winner in life.

If you are a leader, you are responsible for the growth and success of your business, which means that you may need to make tough decisions. In such circumstances, being sentimental would only make your situation worse. So keep a cool head and focus on your goals. Making hard choices is what will get you a long way in life.

Work hard

To sit and wait for things to happen is merely delusional. In real life, you need to act and take matters in your own hands for good. How can someone achieve something great and rewarding in life if he or she refuses to work hard? It will be impossible for you to take care of yourself or anyone else around you. While many may trick you with illusions that being successful is easy, or just following a few simple steps would make you successful, but that is nothing more than gimmicks. No matter how talented you are, if your talent is not combined with dedication and hard work, then there are slim chances that you will progress far in your life.

Recognize your limits

Elon Musk realized that he could not devote all his time and energy to SpaceX and Tesla. He knew where his abilities could lead him. It is wise and advisable to get rid of any inhibition and get out of his comfort zone. At the same time, it would also be wise to recognize one’s limitations and faults. It would not tarnish your qualities, nor the areas in which you excel, but it would rather give you an opportunity to work on your weak points. If you are careful not to go beyond your limits, you may well be closer to your ultimate goal. 

Set a specific goal

During your life, you need to find a specific and consistent goal. This would put an end to the chaos engendered by the innumerable decision-making available to you because you would already have a clear idea at the top of the decision you must make. Musk had a very clear objective with the development of SpaceX, and this allowed him to realize it, if only in part. He said, “I think most people would agree that a future in which our civilization thrives in space is more exciting than a future where we would be stuck on the ground, up to our extinction.” He knew what he wanted, and that should be taken as motivation for someone who aims to be a winner at life. Set specific goals and avoid being deviated by distractions.

Listen to your instinct

Elon Musk’s decision to leave Stanford University may have been perceived by many as folly, but Elon Musk knew what he was doing. He followed his instincts, and it allowed him to expand his horizons. Listening to one’s instinct can sometimes be fruitful and lead you to make the biggest decisions of your life, and the best ones.

Be bold enough to stand out. You must be daring enough to challenge the status quo, after which the masses run blindly. If your goal is to accomplish something that someone has already achieved, you will find yourself, in a way, underestimating your abilities to accomplish something extraordinary. Discipline yourself so that you do not depend on the statements of others, or what they think of your judgment. You are your own best judge, believe in yourself.

Have excellent friends

The type of people you spend most of your time with has a great influence on you. It is better to surround yourself with intelligent and ingenious people. Thanks to the Internet and social networks, it is now possible to bring together people with the same interests as you so that you can develop your passions and projects together.

Be charitable

It is a good thing, and it is to your credit that you have accomplished your goal and now enjoy the fruits of your success. Do not forget to be charitable to others during these moments of happiness, because you know, deep within you, what it was to be in their place at the beginning of your life. Musk gave a considerable share of his personal fortune to Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge.

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