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Feed Your Emotional Intelligence For A Successful Life



Stop, Breathe, Relax, you’re in control! Stop your mental workout mid-stride, breathe the confidence to your tension-congealed veins, sprint to a calm stupor, and allow it to CONSUME you!

The crux of the emotional intelligence (EQ) is; how effectively you deal with your and other people’s emotions and not let it overhaul your power of making informed decisions. Drink from the goblets of self-esteem and self-love, spill the feelings of self-loathing in the fast-running current. Consequently, you will be able to adorn the cloak of Emotional Intelligence.

Your IQ does not guarantee to make you street smart; it’s the fog your charm hoodwinks fiercely. Do not be prey to the grappled claws of the notorious conundrum; mind struggles vs. actionable steps of growth. Strive to conquer something? Plan, Aim, and Pitch it to the mark, i.e., into a bull’s eye of your life without wasting a second anticipating for the worst and self-wrestling.

Psychology Fact:  IQ is fixed and stable, whereas EQ is workable and improvises as you age.

Chant after us for a robust Emotional Intelligence drive-through until it etches in the trinkets of soul and mind: Self-awareness, Emotional Forte, Empathy, and Morally permeated emotions are the steps to a successful life. Let’s delve into the roller-coaster of how to feed your emotional intelligence for a successful life.

Stay Privy to Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers unleash the un-ending, unfiltered, and un-masked traumas, shadowing them on a cracked platter at the cusp of breaking happy facades. Humans are guilty as charged of reacting with anger, fear, and unsuspicious outbursts. Once the fuel plummets and our energy drains, we abruptly think of means to rationalize our diluted behavior. Falling short of making it make sense, a person or our circumstances get the brunt of our distrust.

How to numb the onslaught of emotional triggers? Make the present your impregnable forte with  Kingsguard armor (Hola, Jamie Lannister) in the mental battleground. In the wake of an emotional ambush,  notice how you are reacting and, thus, diverge your emotional state that of your classical triggered reactions. Relax, Detach your thoughts, become self-aware, count your breathing rhythms, and channel all your tangled thoughts and decide how your situation should unfold.

Motivate the Conscience

Self-motivation is the stairway to an enriched emotional intelligence. Our innate determination to surpass the ruts and dips of a problem and strengthen our pledge to our goals. It all starts with our readiness to jump on the opportunities bestowed upon us with unquenchable optimism.

Set personal goals, for they pave the path to the long-standing course of emotional intelligence. Outline your real-life goals on a piece of paper, number down your strengthened aims, and make efforts to achieve them fully conscious of the inevitability of change.

The successful life will not seem akin to a mirage any longer; it imparts fragments of reality as you get motivated to succeed. The motivation makes achievement a reality while lifting our confidence tenfold. Cling to a positive outlook in life to retain self-motivation. Grow your self, but remember, not at the expense of creating setbacks in someone else’s life. Embrace learning and befriend motivated people.

Build Empathy

Empathy is a top trait of emotionally intelligent people. The firm acknowledgment of the fact that feelings, desires, triggers, and fears instilled in every mortal being can help us reach heights of success in life. Empathy knocks your senses with the undeniable reality, how people counter to a particular situation, might differ. Once it is recognized, your emotional response reverberate and syncs accordingly for the benefit of both the parties. Empathy is a compass navigating and nurturing relationships successfully.

First things first, the rule of empathy require listening and comprehending the opposing stance. You have to kill your urge to interrupt a monologue and debunk any notions you birthed in your mind before you react. Oh, and top it all of, distort your gestures or facial tics to sound and look approachable – if the need surges. Perspective is powerful. How you perceive and react, holds all the cards. Try to tone down your inner debater and graze a little deeper to understand a second POV. Uh-huh, impossible without sincerely opening yourself first. Be curious enough to broaden your self to diverse perspectives.

Self-awareness to Self-Improvement

Self-awareness holds enormous influence, the power to know oneself.  Familiarity with your character, moods, and emotions is a three-pronged sword enabling triumph over your inner demons and manipulative tendencies that jeopardize relationships.

Self-evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, value, without a notion of a doubt, springs unbeatable edge in your conscience. Objectify your every move, gauge every stance, and dissect every uttered statement for the sake of acquiring emotional intelligence.

The Takeaway

Emotional intelligence trumps all detached, abhorrent, and adversarial inclinations to better understand what motivates you for a successful life. Rein in your emotional outbreaks and dawdle down your train of thoughts to stay present at the moment. Emotionally intelligent people are the most successful ones, thriving one conscious effort at a time to meditate, channel inner calmness,  and escape the disparaging thoughts nagging at the back of their mind with the ear-piercingly ricochet of “You are invincible.” Do yourself a favor, kill that thought, and be more accepting of a smooth ride in life despite the potholes.

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