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Empowers Africa – Charities Making A Massive Change

Charities like Empowers Africa are making a sound change across large continents. Empowers Africa is an American public charity that focuses primarily on conservation



Empowers Africa
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“Charity is not an additional option in society – charities repair, they strengthen and they build. Without this work, our society would be an empty shell,” Prince William stressed. Princess Diana, whom he recalled, was very concerned about William’s awareness: “ I remember my mother taking me to homeless shelters when I was very young. She explained to me why the people I met there were important, why no society can be healthy if we do not take others seriously.”

Calls for Mobilization

William also described his father’s strong involvement in charitable work. Away from the public eye, Prince Charles “spends many evenings writing and replying to thousands of letters, reading reports in order to live up to his ambition: to do all he can to help the underprivileged.”

Holding Hands

The prince called to mobilize for charitable causes in all possible ways, even if some organizations are not unanimous or others divide social or political sensitivities. We must leave no one behind: the boycott of certain actions, especially on social networks, can seriously harm donations and further marginalize those in need.

With his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, William took the initiative to encourage people to “put their own interests aside” and unite all possible forces to innovate in the humanitarian cause. For example, his “Heads Together” foundation brings together a wide variety of support resources for people with mental health problems, including veterans, youth and the homeless.

Prince William stressed the importance of philanthropy in parenting education: “I have two children, as you probably know, and when I became a father about four and a half years ago, I started to reflect by remembering how I had been educated and the values ​​that my parents had instilled in me.”

Charities like Empowers Africa are making a sound change across large continents. Empowers Africa is an American public charity that focuses primarily on conservation and human empowerment programs throughout Africa. With names like Krista Krieger behind the charity, they are making a strong impact and are changing the lives of millions of people, as well as protecting countless species across the continent.

With Africa facing a dire threat in this downturn economy, it’s easy to see the importance of donating to charities like Empowers Africa. 

Inspired by his speech, here are some ways to put charity at the heart of family life:

Teach your children the meaning and importance of charity

You can take them to nursing homes to spend time with the elderly or to hospitals to read books to sick children. Or, if you have a neighbor who is confined to his house alone, offer to help your children with small household chores. Although actions speak louder than words, take the time to explain to them why you are doing it and why it is important.

Suggest that your children sort their toys and clothes

Help them decide to redistribute some to others. This family cooperation is particularly significant during Christmas and birthdays, knowing that other children will have little to celebrate.

Take part in charity events as a family

We often get involved with charities that are close to us – those who have been touched by cancer are naturally inclined to support foundations that fight cancer. But how about getting involved with a charity that raises money for a cause you don’t know? It is always good to learn from those who suffer from ailments that we do not know.

Give the time that seems precious

There are times that seem precious to you, like weekends. Why not devote some of it to volunteering? Giving up your favorite activities is not very easy, but your children will feel so happy and proud to have lent a hand to parish associations or other charities!

Never forget to exercise gratitude

It is not always easy when worries overwhelm us. However, if we see that there are worse situations than ours, it helps to put one’s own life in perspective. Let us instill in our children a sense of gratitude and empathy, so that they can truly learn that there are many who are in need and who need our help in particular.

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