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Denny Strickland Shares His Motivation Behind Creating Music by Crossing Genres

Denny Strickland was determined to disrupt the music landscape with his unique concept. “I could not settle on a mere genre; neither could I give up on my country roots; this was something impossible.



Denny Strickland
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Blending different genres can give you spectacular music that captures the heart of listeners right on the first beat and stays in their head for a pretty long time. However, fusing the two genres together is not everyone’s cup of tea. If it’s not done tastefully, the result errs on jarring and experimental for the sake of it. This truly is an art, and the talk of the town artist who is appreciated significantly for his gutsy endeavors to combine the two antithetical genres is Denny Strickland.

The maven artist from Nashville kick-started his music career in 2017, with the release of his first-ever LP, California Dreamin. Having a knack for party anthem songs, and not giving up on his affinity for other genres with heavy pop and electronic influence, Denny Strickland was determined to disrupt the music landscape with his unique concept. “I could not settle on a mere genre; neither could I give up on my country roots; this was something impossible. That is how I was struck with the inspiration to combine a bit of everything and create something new out of it, something that will leave the listeners tapping their feet,” says Denny Strickland.

Named as one of the ‘Top 10 Artists to Watch’ by Rolling Stone Magazine, Denny Strickland has created marvelous hits fusing hip hop and country music together into something irresistible. In 2019, Strickland collaborated with the Grammy Award-winning recording artist Juicy J. for his sumptuous song, ‘Don’t You Wanna,’ that took the internet by storm, with its fabulous videography and classic lyrics.

Denny Strickland unleashes that his primary inspiration to do something extra-ordinary was to make people experience the real essence of music. “Music is a blessing that makes us celebrate our lives for a little while, so why should we divide it in genres when we can relish each beat from each genre. In fact, this very thing kills the purpose of music in our lives, so I wanted to compose truly awesome music,” he says.

Denny Strickland struggles solely on fusing genres that complement each other, bringing a whole new sound out of it. “It’s more like exploring the genre romancing and spotting the synergy between both the styles. Yet, it is essential to respect both genres and their distinctiveness,” he says.

Additionally, the lyrics play an integral part when fusing the genres. The lyrics must be penned downed in a manner that allows the transition and blending of both genres. “This is the particular thing that I want to portray with my music, that the genres even when fused are unique, and they should be praised in their uniqueness, giving us music that united for us to relish,” he says.

However, genre fusion is not an easygoing thing. Denny Strickland emphasizes that it took him quite a while to master this thing specifically. “It was hard to learn to transition between the different styles with the progression of the tune. However, with time and practice, I managed to ace it gracefully, creating exclusive sounds that are natural and not at all jarring,” he says.

Music has something in it that makes humans daydream; it can set you in a mood to party or can leave you crying over your ex. With such immense power of music, distributing it in genres, and sticking to one style entirely, it is not at all worth it. “Music is tremendous; it is divine and yet sophisticated, but dividing it into bits and pieces, genres, and styles, is not at all doing justice to the grandeur of the music. Therefore, I desired to produce something that will sweep you off your feet, making you hum, dance, and celebrate life with a whole new range of sound,” says Denny Strickland.

Without a doubt, Strickland has accomplished his aim and pursued his motivation to the utmost level. “I am on the mission to bridge the separation created by genres, and will push the boundaries to make it happen,” says Denny Strickland. By fusing genres, Denny Strickland is embarked on a journey to transform the music industry beyond its division. Certainly, it is something that not everyone dares to do. With one album and ten singles released to date, Strickland’s passion and determination are simply inexorable.

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