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The Definite Guide to Caring for a Race Horse

Heather Vitale herself, – reports all the glorious aspects of harness racing on social media.



Photo by Anastasiia Arakelian on Unsplash

Horse racing competitions are exhilarating and a lot of fun to be a part of. Moreover, their popularity has continued to grow as a global correspondent for horse racing- a prime example being Heather Vitale herself, – reports all the glorious aspects of harness racing on social media. This gives a chance for everyone who couldn’t attend the race in person to witness the beauty of the event behind their virtual screens.

Due to the growing exposure of horse racing sports, many people are interested in getting their own horse and joining in all the fun of the contest as well. However, what most people don’t realize is the fact that many people think horse racing literally means just horse racing-but there is a lot more to this sport than you think.

If you are planning on joining the horse racing industry, there are a few things you need to keep in mind- with the most important one being that if you are getting a horse, don’t forget to learn all the ways you can to maintain it in good conditions.

Horses are living beings- and just like us, they need proper care in order to perform better. If you aren’t taking care of your horse, your chances of putting your name out in the horse racing history is not going to happen any time soon. That is why we have prepared this guide to offer you some insight into how you can maintain your horse to be at its top form at all times.

Muscle Therapy

Much like us, horses require hot and cold muscle therapy before and after every race to soothe any aches or sores they may have. The ideal method would be to placing your horses’ legs in the bath every single day. This will help in easing the pain in joints and swelling cause by ligament inflammation. Additionally, you can also use infrared blankets that can help increase the horse’s blood flow towards the sore places and reduce their aches.

Let Them Cool Down

When your horse comes back after its race is over, make sure that his breathing settles down first before he enters his stall.

Once their breathing has come at a steady pace, allow them to drink some water but make sure that the hay is nowhere close to them. If your horse ends up eating during their cool-down period, they will end up choking. Furthermore, eating grain after a race will develop ‘founder’- a condition in which their hooves become inflamed, which can lead to swelling and intense pain in that area.  Ensure that you apply poultice on their legs, which is a clay mixture that quickens the recovery rate of their hooves.

Give Proper Shelter

Your horse’s condition can vary a lot according to the environment they rest in. some horses with denser coats can survive outdoors at all times- but the ones with a thinner hair coat need to be sheltered under careful supervision.

Make sure that the shelter you build keeps your horse protected from harsh winds and humid weather. Give them enough space to move easily so that they don’t feel constricted in their home. Keep the place ventilated and clean-not prioritizing their hygiene can lead to the spread of harmful diseases that can threaten your horse’s wellbeing.

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