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Coronavirus War Tale: A Bon Voyage from Self Isolation to Self Reflection



Coronavirus War Tale

Wait, a tale of bon voyage (French: Good Journey) or a detrimental case of escapism from the mental, albeit shackled confinement? The ball is in your court for interpretations.

Human history is graced with war and natural disaster stories, numbing the mother nature with tear-soaked pleas. However, never have we seen such drastic steps to be taken, or mayhaps, the severity of lockdown seems gut-wrenchingly apparent due to the rampant global self-isolation. Desperate times call for desperate measures, how APT!

Legend has it; self-isolation is a form of psychological warfare,– true that – but statistics marvels on the fact of self-isolation unearthing the presently invisible thirst for self-reflection, self-love, and community welfare in this inhumane Coronavirus Pandemic.

Grave fact: Self-isolation massively led us to the distressing acknowledgment of righteous wrath of empty market aisles and immorality of stockpiling.

Sitting distressing over the drastic turn of worldly events and experiencing mental gymnastics, or embracing this time to self-reflect, it all starts within yourself. Maslow’s Theory of Self-Actualization is IT! Consequently, self-reflection is the goal well acquired once you feed your primary humanely needs. Needs are the connection to what we Value, an inbound portal to Self-Reflection. Begin with paving the path to embracing who you are this lockdown season by a step by step guide.  

Without further ado, let’s delve into how to transform your self-isolation into a self-reflection marathon. A nod, a nudge, and a gentle guiding hand at your disposal to connect with SELF! 

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

It takes time to succumb to a peaceful slumber as the self-isolated mundane days stretch and extend. No wonder, most of us are battling with anxiety toppling the mental exhaustion. Begin with a hard-packed sleep routine to combat the half of self-isolations’ gnarled clutches. Ensure an undisturbed good night’s sleep of about 6 to 8 hours, DAILY! The key is to wake up early and sleep before the mid-night bell. You aren’t Cinderella, fellas; parties can wait!

Eat Healthily, Stay Fit 

Now would be the time to pay heed to Aunt Gloria’s healthy diet guidebook. Refuel with food; don’t fledge mental wars resulting in health deterioration. Your bad diet might kill you, not the pandemic! Say NO to Hanger (Hunger and onslaught of Anger) Have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. OR a brunch, and supper might suffice, whatever suits your appetite. The key? Scroll up, pay undivided self-reflection to Grave Fact.

Family time, But with Distancing

Humans are science-proclaimed Social Animals. Connection, say, an inkling of a presence, is plenty. Prevent the coronavirus spread, with a social distancing from your family under the same roof. Without playing our hand at your confusion with unbound exaggeration, talk to your family while taking proper precautions. The key is Restraint & Distance.

Release Stress, Exercise Daily

Self-isolation is no fun and game when it results in a protruding belly at the end of the lockdown. It is, to be blunt, a rude awakening to how lazy we are in terms of unleashing our stress. At a time like this, stay poised and composed by maintaining a positive outlook. Do yoga, 

meditate, or whichever exercises you are best aligned with; either way, remain boisterous and have a healthy outlet for your energy. Channel your inner calm with the arsenal of methods available on YouTube.  

Important Fact:  Physical and mental health are a beautifully tangled mess urging to generate an exercise routine unequivocally benefiting both. 

Clean Home, Clear Soul

The cumulative effect of being alone at home is paramount to mental health! Opt for generating a sense of achievement… in the form of cleaning your environment, err your home. Contrary to popular belief, or if it ever was a pothole on the way, cleaning your mess and organizing after yourself is therapeutic! The process invokes a un-mitigated sense of control.

Create a Purpose 

Self-worth is a by-product of purpose in life. Stimulate your brain with books, articles, TV series, and movies. Keep thinking positively. Battle a war with your existing knowledge of things and surroundings. Bargain with time and fasten your imaginary self-belts for a quest to self-development through reading, podcasts, and web series. Self-reflection values constant growth, self-isolation is the gateway.

Probing Self-Reflection 

Take out your notepads and check the lists for the better good of your peace of mind. 

First things first, take a deep breath and ponder over what makes you happy. Nag the deep crevices of your mind. Got it, is it missing from your life at the moment? Rationality? Manifest train of thoughts. Pledge to CHANGE.  

Secondly, set a close deadline to fulfill these needs. Don’t be harsh on yourself. 

Thirdly, highlight the actions you are required to attempt to meet those needs.

Finally, Get, Set, GO to the happy merry round of self-reflection!

The Takeaway

The time of uncertainty is a culprit of mind and soul. It sears and pokes holes where it hurts. Self-reflection is the savior. Self-isolation to the people is akin to being on the verge of losing hope, worrying over losing a family, job, relationships take a massive toll on our vulnerable, fragile minds. Stand steadfast at the time of adversary. Chant the mantra of self-reflection. Make it your power! Incorporate and accommodate your needs. Everything will set itself.

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